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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PST

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♪ ♪ good morning. next, the second in a line of nasty storms taking shape this morning ready to dump snow and ice from colorado all of the way to new england. downward spiral. the result of philip seymour hoffman's autopsy expected today as a chilling portrait of the oscar winner's final week began to emerge. his side of the story, woody allen fights back against allegations of abuse by his adopted daughter. this morning his attorney speaks out for the first time in an exclusive, live interview. and the final countdown vladimir putin arrives in sochi with the games just two days away. matt takes us inside the strange place they call putin world and
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introduces you to the athletes who are set to shine today, tuesday, february 4, 2014. from nbc news this is a special edition of "today," countdown to the olympic winter games with matt lauer live from olympic park in sochi, russia, and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today." it's a tuesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt roker and natalie morales. matt is holding down the fort in sochi, russia. dare i say it looks balmy. >> reporter: it is decidedly warmer and it looks like a huge cloud bank is about to hit the sun, but for the moment we're very happy here, day two in the olympic park in sochi russia. as you mentioned vladimir putin arrived today and i'll have more about that.
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i have u.s. athlete and members of the skating seem and the u.s. speed skating team blowing off some team. i've gotten tweets and emails about people asking about that beige people in the bedroom with the red roof. they call that, the nickname for it is putin world here and i'll tell you the story behind it. back to you in new york. >> does it have rides? >> it looks like the magic kingdom. >> doesn't it? >> reporter: yes, it does. 21 questions. keep going. >> we look forward to that, ten years that changed the world. a rare and exclusive interview with facebook founder mark zuckerberg as his social network marks a milestone today. we'll get his thoughts on how far facebook has come, where it's headed and his next big project. think about what we were doing on the computer ten years ago. >> very different, for sure. our lives have changed. >> let's get to today's top story. once again, it's another new winter storm. schools are closed today across
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the midwest and al, over to you, my friend. >> yeah. we are talking about 115 million people affected by this storm when all will be said and done and it's taking aim on the east coast. before it gets there, look at this. look at these watches, warnings and advisories all of the way from the northwest to new england. we're expecting more of that later today. the snow area expands, oklahoma, kansas, on into illinois, by early tomorrow morning it moves into new york and look at this setup right here. we have the cold air from the north and warmer by wednesday afternoon and we're looking for an icy mix. here's what we're expecting and this, my friend, could be really crippling for our friends in west virginia. an inch or more of ice. that is dangerous and then snowfall amounts by wednesday afternoon here in the northeast and new england we expect to see anywhere from three to six
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inches of snow, but a very wide swath of about 9 to 12 inches of snow and look at this, just to the west of boston into eastern pennsylvania, a foot to a foot and a half and this isn't even the worse. we are looking at a winter storm coming on sunday and we'll show you that coming up. that right now still looks like it could set up to be a classic nor'easter. let's go to rigo park, queen, where they're digging out from eight to ten inches of snow and that's where we find ron mott. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. as you pointed out there, the start of what could be a rough and wild week of weather is under way. this has folks around here and around the country saying enough already with winter. >> from kentucky to pennsylvania, car wrecks to cars towed, relentless reminders of winter are starting to take their toll on americans, bracing for an onslaught of snow and ice. >> i wish it could stop snowing
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long enough so i could get to the airport and get to somewhere warm and sunny. >> reporter: snow blowers were working overtime monday. >> and flights were crippled by the thousands as the mad dash by stranded air passengers picks up speed in the northeast today. >> if you topped the spend more money you could get home. >> about $400 or $500. >> reporter: instead, david thomas stayed the night after his flight home to dallas was canceled. he's booked on a flight this morning. this blast of winter followed a mild super bowl sunday catching thomas whose nephew earl thomas place for the winning seattle seahawks and other visitors to new york off guard. >> it's crazy. i've never seen anything like this ever. >> not enjoyable at all. >> reporter: if you've got flight arrange thements for today, be prepared for disruptions. that number is expected to dliem as we go through the day.
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>> ron mott in queen, rough winter so far. >> we have new developments on the tragic death of philip seymour hoffman. autopsy results are expected today. here is one of the last portraits taken, taken at the sundance film festival. his death is highlighting a growing problem in the country, heroin addiction. >> as a makeshift memorial grew, a tearful cate blanchett and just justin throw, and 23 empty bags of heroin, syringes, four bags of what appeared to be cocaine and six bottles of prescription drugs including one used for treating drug addiction. hoffman was open about his past struggles. in 2006 he told "60 minutes" about going to rehab after college. >> i was 22 and i was panicked for my life. i really was. >> he remained soesh until last
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year when he reportedly relapsed, but while his is a high-profile death, heroin addiction is a dark secret for many in vermont the governor devoted his state to a full-blown heroin crisis. it more than doubled in the past five years and four out of five people who try heroin for the first time are prescription drug users. >> it's a chooper form of the high. you're talkinging about getting a pill on the street for $60 to $80 of a pharmaceutical drug versus a $10 bag of heroin. >> known for being an every man actor, philip seymour hoffman may have had what is an alarmingly common addiction. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. >> so sad and all of the warning signs that were there ahead of time. it is devastating. i hope it it does draw attention to this problem because it is widespread.
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>> you are following a remarkable story to a plane crash. >> the pilot of a small plane being called a hero this morning for possibly saving of lives of dozens of people on the ground as the plane went down and it crashed north of nashville, tennessee. approximately 300 people were inside the y at the time and none of the people onboard the plane survived. witnesses reported seeing the plane bank hard to the right just seconds before it then crashed into the ground, possibly avoid further tragedy. all eyes are on wall street this morning just one day after the biggest point drop in more than seven months. cnbc's kayla tasche. >> stocks rising slightly after dropping on fears that the u.s. economic recovery could be losing steam. the concern, construction activity and car sales at gm and ford. growth in jobs could be
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weakening like we saw in december. it comes as the federal reserve pumping money into the economy is pulling back from the still list. experts say it's not time to take cash out of the u.s. just yet, if there is one upside, mortgage rates are dipping. kayla at the new york stock exchange, thanks. chris christie told listeners monday night he had no knowledge of a plan to snarl traffic near the busy george washington bridge. a new allegation from david wildstein says evidence exists that christie was in the loop. >> i had nothing to do with t s this. no knowledge, no authorization, no planning nothing to do with this before this decision was made to close these lanes by the port authority. >> meanwhile, over the weekend, governor christie's office released a statement that said
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david wildstein will do and say anything to save david wildstein. the food and drug administration is launching a $150 million campaign aimed at teen smokers. it is using ads that depict yellowed teeth and wrinkled skin to highlight the cost of cigarette smoke. the campaign will include tv and magazine ads as well as social media. the fda aims to reduce the number of cigarette smokers by at least 300,000 within three years. proof this morning that parallel parking isn't as hard as it looks. this comes from russia. check this out. the car in question comes from the far left, four lanes over and almost hits, not one, not two, three cars there and it does a 180 and lands perfectly against the curb. we highly recommend you don't try this method on the streets of your hometown. >> i didn't know willie geist rented a car. >> the best parallel parker in
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the world. >> is he in russia? >> he's in sochi. >> mr. roker. >> well played, mr. geist, well played. >> we'll get to your forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. stay active... get outdoors... eat healthy... and choose colgate total®. it does more than protect, it actually helps improve mouth health. [ male announcer ] it fights germs for 12 hours, in 24 hours starts to fortify enamel, and in 4 weeks helps improve gum health. you can do it with colgate total®. [ male announcer ] do more than protect. improve mouth health with colgate total®. and use the whole line for even better results. ♪ >> 7:11 on a tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. good morning to you. want to make sure to have the jacket ready to go as temperatures are going to be cool today. only wrapping up into the upper 50s along the peninsula and the south bay 57 there. 58 in the east bay.
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san francisco today 55 degrees. cool, cloudy and breezy today. tomorrow we have more changes on the way and we've got major rainfall headed our way thursday into friday and saturday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. let's head back over to sochi and matt. >> reporter: all right, savannah, thanks very much. the olympic games start in only two games now and this morning russian president vladimir putin arrived. if you think he's here on vacation, think again, he is here to oversee the final preparations. keir simmons, is here. >> vladimir putin will meet with olympic officials and tomorrow he'll welcome the russian team and team usa who have been make their own assessment of sochi. >> take off for olympic athletes who arrived in soech, test the slopes. >> the vibe is crazy and it's a beautiful place.
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>> the women's hockey team arrived, keen to get their skates on. >> we're so happy to get on the ice and compete and show the world what we have. >> just four hours later they were in the olympic arena. and so far the snow has been getting a seal of approval. >> the run-up to these games has been riddled with bad pr. one major concern has been will there be enough snow? i can tell you that's one thing the russians don't have to worry about. but some athletes have been questioning the condition of the courses. >> the course was just built so they're working out the kinks and everything. >> it may be more than just kinks. norwegian snow boarder suffered a broken collarbone. while on the slopes, the international olympic committee has made some accommodation and is not fully ready. for seven years sochi has been preparing for this even educating their children about the olympics. they say they are ready.
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>> it is very great, and we are very happy that the olympic games will be in sochi. >> which country will win more gold medals? usa or russia? >> russia. >> a little nervous to be interviewed, but people here are really excited and it was great to be up on the slopes today. >> you look good on the powder and conditions look very good. >> you might think with this weather that it might be slushy or melt, but it was none of that. it was terrific. >> what do you think the answer would be if you asked vladimir putin which country would win more medals. >> keir, good to see you. it's a pleasure. back now to savannah. we take a turn to a very personal battle playing out in public. woody allen's adopted daughter dylan farrow, is renewing allegations that he molested her.
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we'll talk to his attorney in just a moment, but first here's national correspondent kate snow. >> the raw emotion in dylan farrow's open letter are stirring up strong feelings for those who support the legendary director and those who who is up, calling it courageous, powerful and generous. the allegations date back 20 years, but this weekend dylan farrow publicly described thea, buice she says she repeatedlien cu endured as a child. woody allen took me by the hand and led me to the second floor the house. he sexually assaulted me. will woody allen has denied allegations and has never been charged with a crime. >> on the view, barbara walters defended her longtime friend who is up for a best screen actor. >> she's doing it now because he's up for an award and so the
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question is does your personal life interfere with your award? >> a once-beloved artist now being judged in the court of public opinion even as his films continue to receive accolades. for "today," kate snow, nbc news, new york. speaking out for the first time since the publication of dylan farrow's letter is elkin abrahamowits. good morning to you. >> i know you talked to your client and it's durious what his reaction is to the allegations and the public way they're being aired his reaction is one of overwhelming sadness because of what happened to dylan. she was a pawn in a huge fight between him and mia farrow years ago and the idea that she was molested was implanted in her by her mother and that memory is never going to go away. so the fact that she says this now that it happened 20 years ago is totally understandable. >> a lot of people read this article and probably thought to
7:17 am
themselves she's an adult now. why would she lie? why would she mack up allegations? >> in my mind, she's not lying. i think she truly believes that this happened. when you implant a story in a fragile 7-year-old's mind it stays there forever. it never goes away. >> you're accusing mia farrow of coaching the little girl at the time. the custody judge who presided over the custody case said there wasn't credible evidence of coaching. >> the custody judge is not the most important factor here. the charges were brought to the connecticut state police. the state police got yale new haven, the sex abuse clinic of yale new haven, a nationally recognized group to determine the charges and they determined after a six-month inquiry not only that it didn't happen, but that dylan was coached by her mother and that's important because everybody now talks about the presumption of
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innocence. he is innocent. they determined that the molestation never took place. >> part of the complexity of this case is on the one hand you do have the yale study. you have a prosecutor looking into the case declining to bring charges although he said he personally believed he had evidence to arrest mr. allen, but you have the separate custody case where a judge looked at these very same facts and said mr. allen's was grossly inappropriate and denied visitation. >> i would say that the judge was wrong and the judge favored mia farrow for a variety of reasons. i think a lot of the confusion about the case relates to how the relationship with suni evolved. suni was not allen's daughter and it was mia farrow and andre previns' daughter. too many people believed that suni was his daughter and he was having a relationship with his adopted daughter. that was not true.
7:19 am
it never was trou and a lot of the confusion that has risen around the case and particularly in the custody case arises from that fact. >> if woody allen looks at an article like this and looks at two decades later and all of this coming up again, what legal recourse does he have? is there somebody he can sue for defamation, for example? >> woody allen is not interested in suing anybody for defamation. he was determined not to have molested his daughter 20 years ago. the case is over. there is no case. the fact that it's being brought up now is suspect. the timing is suspect. theiring's happened. they haven't had any relationship in the last 20 years and all of a sudden we're seeing the allegations surface again and one has to wonder why. >> real quickly, do you have an opinion as to why they're coming up 20 years later? >> i think it is a continuation of mia farrow's desire to hurt woody allen and woody allen is now riding fairly high. he got the golden globes award for lifetime achievement for
7:20 am
which he totally deserved and i believe it revived the anger she had for him. >> thanks for bringing your perspective. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> it's a big turn for facebook. tamron is in the orange room for carson. over to you. >> these days, many of us are reminded of our friends' birthdays through facebook and today it's the network celebrating the big ten. we'll hear from mark zuckerberg exclusively coming up, but first, how his creation changed the world. >> ten years ago, like, status update and friend requests were ideas bouncing around a harvard dorm room. in 200419-year-old mark zuckerberg and his roommate started the facebook, an online version of a college directory. >> you sign on and make a profile of yourself. >> everybody was using it. >> the facebook opened up to everyone in 2006 and today there are well over a billion users. along the way, facebook dropped
7:21 am
the "the" and set the bar for social media. >> mark zishgbook, after a an ipo and a presidential town hall. >> my name is barack obama and i got mark to wear a jacket and tie. >> there's no question facebook and zuckerberg have secured a place in the 21st century guy, more than 200 billion connections sharing 400 billion photos, 7.8 trillion messages sent and liking more than 6 billion times a day in more than 70 languages, but it's not all thumbs up for the social network. in october, cfo david everson admitted that younger users are spending less time on the site. >> so we know the thumbs up on facebook, what they were doing ten years ago. what were we doing? this was matt who didn't have a beard and a little more hair.
7:22 am
savannah, beautiful as usual. mr. roker, you look scomboofl this is mine from ten years ago. i was in vegas, that's what i'll tell you. the big story is what you at home were doing ten years ago so we ask that you go on, like us and show us your picture. change it on your facebook page to what you looked like ten years ago. >> coming up, we'll hear from mark zuckerberg himself and we'll also have a lot more on our favorite subject. a terrible storm is moving across the country. the next big one is coming right on its heels. matt? >> reporter: also a huge name from team usa, savannah, from the figure skating team, that's ashley wagner who arrived 45 seconds ago, fresh off a plane. gold medal for effort. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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whether it's one cup or a full carafe, turn any day gourmet with folgers gourmet selections. >> a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a registered sex offender who was arrested after allegedly walking object a school campus in sunnyvale will be back in court. theodore lorigo who likes to dress as a woman is charged with being a sex offender on school grounds and false identification. prosecutors could file charges today against a napa couple accused of killing the woman's 3-year-old daughter. sarah kruger and her boyfriend are in police custody expected to be arraigned on murder charges. police found 3-year-old kayla dead in her bed on saturday. there was evidence of abuse and sexual assault. the san jose fire department
7:27 am
could find out today if it will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars for failing to fulfill its contract with the county. the chief will face a grilling about the department's poor response time. the supervisors could penalize the department by taking away nearly $1 million in incentive pay. >> probably want to grab a coat before you head out the door. >> it's cold out there. good morning to you. right at freezing in santa rosa. at 38 in concord. half moon bay at 41 and in san francisco i want to show you your forecast because we have a cold day ahead even at lunch time temperatures only climbing into the mid-50s. 53 degrees at noon, you round out the day at 54, maybe 55 degrees depending on what part of the city you live in. 57 degrees in the south bay, 57 "today in the east bay." looking good in the tri-valley as well. we get into tomorrow storm system arrives late, want to keep that in mind. we'll stay cool for the rest of
7:28 am
the week. let's check your drive. >> a slow drive this traffic tuesday. look at the volume north of the coliseum. we had a series of crashes between the coliseum and downtown oakland. there is still activity. more slowing there. look at 580 westbound, use that as an option if you can. some heading south to the san mateo bridge or the dumbarton bridge. that's causing more congestion for 84 westbound. >> thank you very much. back with another update in a half hour.
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we're back now 7:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 4th day of february, 2014. you're looking at the scene in enid, oklahoma, this morning. where as you can see, the snow is coming down like it is in many parts of the united states. al's been talking about those two storms heading to the northeast over the next couple of days. but here in sochi, russia, it's about 45 degrees, not so bad. gotten colder over the first hour we've been here, but not too bad. anyway, here's one for you. where do you not want to be? savannah, al, tamron, natalie, back in new york, where's the place you don't want to be 10:30 friday night? >> in bed. >> on an airplane? >> hanging around the olympic -- >> no.
7:31 am
rob in the control room, take the shot. >> oh. >> there's where you don't want to be 10:00 friday night because that's about the time they're going to light that baby. that is the olympic caldron. we hope that guy is out of there by that time. as we've been telling you -- >> marshmallow. >> there you go. they are seriously putting finishing touches on this place as we speak. coming up, a couple real bright members of the u.s. figure skating team. we've got ashley wagner who flew in from munich and jeremy abbott. we're going to be talking to both of them. and what does it take to raise an olympic athlete. tomorrow morning on "today," lindsey vonn will join us with the first of her olympic reports. >> matt, thank you so much. meantime, a look at what's making headlines this morning. the faa investigating a deadly plane crash in tennessee, went down in a parking lot last night. all four people onboard were killed. chris christie, the governor
7:32 am
of new jersey, says his office is cooperating with a subpoena from federal authorities investigating the so-called bridgegate scandal. the new jersey governor spoke out on a local radio show last night. and as matt mentioned and we've been telling you, second of back to back storms moving across the country. schools in the midwest closed, over 600 flights have been canceled so far today. by this time tomorrow, we could be walking through about 1/2 foot of snow here in new york and the suburbs. >> make it stop. >> piling it on. >> we'll get your forecast in a moment. but we're going to begin this half hour with our exclusive interview with mark zuckerberg. today marks ten years for the social network that changed the way we connect. and i found zuckerberg feeling reflective and grateful on the mild anniversary of the website he founded in his dorm room one decade ago. >> i could start by saying happy birthday. does it feel like ten years? >> i don't know. you know, it's been a pretty
7:33 am
amazing journey. and it's so rare to have the opportunity to touch a billion people's lives. >> so the 29-year-old social media mogul mark zuckerberg, stratosphere financial success, a-list associates, cover story fame, a movie portrayal. >> people want to go on the internet and check out their friends. >> reporter: and an unmistakable mark on our culture. >> thank you so much, facebook, for hosting this. >> we now use friend as a verb. i don't know if i should thank you for that or yell at you. >> i think it's good. >> do you think about that cultural impact? >> it's pretty mind-blowing to think about. i remember vividly having pizza with my friends a day or two after i opened up the first version of facebook. at the time, i thought, someone needs to build a service like this for the world. i think a lot of what it comes down to is we just cared more.
7:34 am
>> reporter: but facebook faced a critical moment almost two years ago. the momentary darling of wall street as the company went public, facebook then stumbled out of the gate. the stock tanked and the leadership of the company's young ceo within the cross hairs. >> everyone's looking at you and saying what happened to facebook? >> we've gone through a number of periods where people didn't believe we could succeed at what we were trying to do. i've spent a lot of late nights pacing around my living room with teammates just trying to plot out what our next move can be in order to keep pushing forward on this mission. but there's always a next move. >> the company's newest challenge, a steady drumbeat of stories that teens are leaving in droves for other fuzzier apps. >> is that true? >> facebook and instagram are both really popular with teens, in the u.s. and globally. i think what you're starting to see, there are all of these different ways people want to share and communicate. increasingly, people aren't
7:35 am
going to get them all from one app. >> if teens aren't on facebook as much as they used to be, does that matter? do you care if facebook is cool anymore? >> we pay attention to every demographic in every country, right? we'll focus on building things teens will like and also things other folks will like. >> when you read the headlines that say facebook's for your grandma or your mom, does it bug you? >> there are a lot of different things people have written over time. and one of the good pieces of news, we actually reported our results every quarter. and you can see that engagement is growing and we're helping more and more people connect. >> facebook was in international headlines along with other major american tech companies after edward snowden revealed details of the nsa's online surveillance. >> do you think it's a good thing these disclosures were made? >> i think that the government made a lot of mistakes in terms of not being clear about what they were using information for. i think if you ask americans,
7:36 am
they want the government to protect us, right. it's not that they don't want any of the stuff, but i think they want the government to be honest and clear about what's going on. i think that's the line that was missed here. >> issues like global surveillance were far from zuckerberg's mind when he was first interviewed on cnbc ten years ago. >> here's you in 2004. >> hoping for, you know, maybe 4 400, 500 people, who knows where we're going next. >> if you could tell that 19-year-old person anything, what would you tell him? >> maybe marry priscilla sooner. >> one of the biggest personal changes in the last decade, in 2012, zuckerberg married his college sweetheart. >> are kids in your future? something you talk about? >> savannah, have you been talking to my mom? >> yes, i have. she asked me to ask these questions. i guess no answer, sorry, i tried. listen, i really tried. >> zuckerberg is aiming high,
7:37 am
launching with the not so modest goal of connecting everyone across the globe to the internet. and the young multibillionaire is well on his way on a pledge to give half of his estimated $30 billion fortune to charity. >> is there anything you like to splurge on? >> i don't know. i mean, i wear the same outfit or at least a different copy of it almost every day. i got a new grill recently, does that count? >> sure. >> my wife and i love cooking. >> if you could have done all of this, accomplish all of it without the whole world knowing your name, would you take that deal? >> probably. >> is it hard to be in the spotlight? >> yeah. but i think some of these things actually help. i'm not sure it's actually possible to build something that has this kind of an impact on so many people without them knowing who you are and just getting to know what you care about. i'm just so grateful to have the opportunity that i've had to serve so many people. and i really think that the best
7:38 am
is yet to come. >> so facebook will be here in another ten years? >> i hope so. >> i just have to say, when al watched that piece, take away was, what kind of grill did he get? >> a big green egg? what did he get? >> it's amazing to look back and think about how much our culture has been changed and transformed by this social network. if you want to see more of our interview, we put some of it online. you can check that out, as well. >> what was that campus like, though? that looks amazing. >> and not to focus on the food, but they have this food court you would die for. >> you give me a hard time about asking about the grill. >> i know. but that's what i was thinking. >> it's like a college campus with incredibly smart and dedicated people and great food. let's get a check of the weather. this next storm we're talking about. the current one we're worrying about is nika, the one we named it on the weather channel. this is the storm track we've been looking at for the last week. so brings storms up and off the
7:39 am
coast and then you get that snow and ice. and that's what crippled atlanta and parts of the southeast. this week, the storm track is further inland, so snow and ice moves up to the north, rain through the south. here's what we're looking at as far as this next storm, it would be o'ryan if it forms. basically keeps them offshore, but not a big problem. but the american storm track which has been handling these storms pretty well this winter has two systems merging into one. with that, it's a much stronger storm closer to the coast. that brings in heavy snow and strong winds. we are going to be watching this sunday into monday. that's what' 7:39 on a tuesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. hopefully you're off to a good start this morning. i want to remind you it's going to be cold all week long and we've got major changes coming to your forecast. cool cloudy and breezy for
7:40 am
today. by late tomorrow we're starting to track our first rain showers, especially in the north bay, that starts between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. then another round of rain as we head into the weekend, you do want to make sure you're ready for that. it could be active. >> i love it. you're still talking about mark zuckerberg. >> well, he said he wished he'd married priscilla sooner. >> i thought, your wife will be happy with you. good response. coming up next on "trending," does all this snow have you dreaming of summer nights? well, olivia newton john with a big announcement. and can team usa strike gold in figure skating here in sochi? two of the members of the team, ashley wagner, jeremy abbott join us live. but first, these messages. mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971.
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oh really? dreamier than this? [ harp plays, birds chirp ] yeah, way dreamier. what about this? la, la, la, la, la. yeah, dreamier than that, too. [ female announcer ] enjoy amazingly delicious clusters of chocolate and caramel, delicate wafers with chocolate creme and decadent divine filled chocolates. 130 calories or less. find us in the candy aisle. nestle. good food, good life. back here in sochi, day two for us, two days away from the games beginning. and we've got two members of the figure skating team with us now. as usual they'll compete individually, but there's the team event we need to learn more about. guys, good morning to both of you. great to have you here. >> great to be here. >> you just flew in. >> yeah. >> you came through the airport, got through security. >> and dashed here. >> thank you for that. how are you feeling? >> i'm so excited to be here. my first game.
7:46 am
it's a dream come true, it's awesome. >> we should mention you came in from munich, so the jet lag not so bad. >> not too bad. >> jeremy, you came in a couple days ago, what have you had a chance to see? >> feeling great. i've been in the village and the venues and the olympic park and everything has been fantastic. >> ashley, you come here, not without a little bit of controversy. you finished fourth at the nationals, you're on the team as opposed to who finished third. >> she and i have been friends for quite some time now, and she texted me and we've been in touch after the -- after nationals. and she said, you know what, you deserve to be on the team. good luck. so to have that support has been everything for me. >> three cheers from her. that's a nice gesture. jeremy, when you're here, you're obviously focused on the competition. but it's also -- these are the olympics. and there's an awful lot going on. what do you want to get lost in? what else do you want to enjoy? >> after i finish, i want to see everything.
7:47 am
so i want to see that, i want to see a bunch of the mountain sports, hockey. >> hockey. >> hockey for sure. >> in the building right over here. >> right over here. >> we want to know more about the team event. what can you share with us about who might be skating in what events? >> we can't say anything. it's top, top secret. but we are all very excited. this is such a great opportunity. another medal for the u.s. team, hopefully, and i think that whoever we send out there, we're .oing to send our best team. >> you're being coy, i'm going to let you get away with that. a lot of times, athletes bring something lucky like photos. you shipped your mattress here? >> an air mattress. >> i thought, that's tough in the overhead compartment. >> i managed to roll it up somehow. >> sleep well and compete well and we're thrilled to have you both here. and thanks for the effort for getting here right off the plane. we'll have much more ahead
7:48 am
including some encouraging signs for a teenager injured in a sky-diving accident. and from the orange room, jimmy fallon has got some talk about his transition to the "tonight show." but first, these messages. [ woman ] i could see it in their faces. they weren't looking at me. ♪ i can't believe i still have acne at my age. i feel like it's my acne they see...not me. [ female announcer ] acne is a medical condition that can happen at any age. fortunately, a dermatologist can prescribe aczone® (dapsone) gel... fda approved for the topical treatment of acne, and proven in clinical studies with people 12 years and older. talk to your doctor about any medical conditions you have, including g6pd deficiency, and any medications you are using. use of benzoyl peroxide with aczone® gel may cause your skin to temporarily turn yellow or orange at the site of application.
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7:52 am
the kids are grossed out by that. coming up, natalie sings olivia newton john. >> i love her. >> she's going to have an exclusive announcement. >> all right. >> also ahead -- we're going to take you inside putin world here in sochi. an 18-year-old phenom hopes to make a name for herself at these games. coming up after your local news. ♪ this is levian chocolate diamond jewelry. ♪ levian, masters of jewelry design for centuries is the only company on earth to make jewelry with chocolate diamonds. and jared is the only place where you'll find such an amazing levian selection.
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test. test. test.
7:56 am
good morning everyone. 7:56. i'm scott mcgrew. the cost to park at meters in downtown san jose could double. the council is set to order new smart meters today. they will let you pay through your smart phone. the problem is they are expensive. they lost $1.5 million. to cover the cost parking rates will double from $1 to $2. the meters could be installed by the end of next month. happy birthday facebook. from a dorm room to a global company the giant has changed the way we communicate. founder mark zuckerberg says ten years ago no way he could have known that facebook would become what it is today. >> let's check in with christina. >> that's the kind of forecasting i'd like to get into. temperatures are going to end up in the upper 50s. we'll be in the mid-50s in san francisco, so make sure you pack that coat as you make your way
7:57 am
out the front door. rain on the way. we're going to hold off on it until tomorrow night. most of the shower activity well to the north of the bay area. we're counting on our first showers as we head throughout about 3:00 to 10:00 p.m. tomorrow and will continue into your thursday. >> traffic tuesday is building up to what we expect. a heavy volume. north 101, from time to time see this. the lightest we see north of 680, bogging down around the airport. 280 and 87 at the bottom a tougher drive. west 237 a crash around great america parkway letting loose toward 101 and slow over to 101 and the peninsula which has been slow into palo alto. the dumbarton bridge is slower, a lot of folks avoiding the san mateo and the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you much. we'll have another local news update for you in a half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
and thrive. it's 8:00 on "today." countdown to sochi. could she be the new star of the slopes? we'll introduce you to michaela schiffrin. welcome to putin's world. and living like a celebrity. behind the doors of some of the most beautiful star homes you'll ever see from patrick dempsey's california's estate to jane fonda's ranch. and xanadu meets sin city. olivia newton-john will make a major announcement today,
8:01 am
tuesday, february 4, 2014. hi, centerville, virginia. we are freezing in new york city. >> we have come here for the super bowl. >> good morning to my grandchildren back in seattle, washington. >> hi to my husband and kids in virginia. >> hi, texas. here's my mom in new york city. >> good morning, everyone. good to have you along with us. i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roker -- >> got a lot of seahawks fans still hanging out. >> they're still celebrating that victory. >> the flight was delayed because of the weather. >> you know, the seattle seahawks' plane was delayed yesterday because of itsing -- icing concerns. they didn't get home until 9:00 or 10:00 last night. >> they're still planning the big victory party. >> let's find matt 5,000 miles
8:02 am
to our east in sochi, russia. getting eready for the -- ready for the olympic games. >> that's right. savannah and al and tamron. you know what i'm going to do, as soon as i'm done with the show, i'm going to walk into that building, for a complete dress rehearsal. of friday night's opening ceremony. be the second time that i see the show and i'll fill you in on later on. by the way, that kind of odd architectural feature not just for show. what lies under the strip of the roof is key to the opening ceremony. i'll tell you more about that as well. >> and then you'll have to let us in on putin's world. have you been into putin's world and what can you tell us about it? >> we have all been living in putin's world and i got a lot of tweets over there about the beige roof over there. i listened and i went to find out.
8:03 am
>> the official name of it is sochi park. it's a hotel and an amusement park development that was supposed to be done in time for the olympics. but around here, they call it putin world. when it's finished it will provide a fantasy tour of a thousand years of russian history. they tried to rush it and get it done for the olympics, it didn't happen. they say this is the first theme park in all of russia. it is being designed and built by a place that built major theme parks in dubai. the hotel lights up at night. they say it's fully occupied. although who is staying there is a mystery. rumors have it it could be the dutch and sri lankan royal families. the price tag is $370 million. more about 13 billion rubles. the story going around here when the huge steel bolts designed to attach the roller coasters beneath arrived here in russia, they were misplaced at customs. so russian officials tracked
8:04 am
down the guys who misplaced them and convinced them to return them. but one high ranking businessman said when they open the rides, he doesn't think he'll be first person on them to test them. and by the way, sochi park has a facebook page with 481 likes, and guess what, guys, they sent me tickets for the opening. unfortunately not enough for everyone so i'm volunteering not to go. these are for you. >> oh, matt, what a giver. what a giver. let's get a check of the day's top stories. oh, you still there, matt? >> that's okay. no, that's all right. >> we're just talking about how great and generous you are. >> that's me. giving soul, yeah. enjoy that park. >> we'll see you in a couple of minutes. let's go to natalie. >> here we go again, yet another big winter storm is sweeping through the midwest this morning and it won't stop until it reaches the east coast.
8:05 am
nbc's janet shamlian has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hi, natalie. the snow is coming down in kansas city and this is just the start. the storm is expected to intensify throughout the day. much of the city is already shut down. the department of transportation took unusual steps of asking employers to let their workers stay home today as the kansas city star said it appears no one wants to pull an atlanta. meaning being caught unprepared. colleges are closed. virtually all schools in the area are closed. temperatures are plummeting throughout the day and as this storm moves to the east, it's going to get bitterly cold here in this area. back to you. >> all right, thank you. the pilot of a small plane is being praised for steering his plane away from a ymca and a retirement home just before it crashed monday near nashville, tennessee. the pilot and all three passengers were killed. the plane missed the first approach to the airport and it
8:06 am
was circling back for another try. the ntsb is now investigating. the convicted four-time killer who escaped from a michigan prison sunday is become in custody. michael david elliot was captured monday night in neighboring indiana. prison officials say he acted alone, using his bare hands to peel holes in two prison fences. he then kidnapped a woman and stole her jeep. the woman escaped unharmed by locking herself in a gas station restroom. this morning, an attorney for woody allen appeared exclusively here on "today" to defend his client against child molesting claims. his adopted daughter renewed what she said two decades and she scolded hollywood for rewarding him with an academy nomination. mia farrow had a volatile relationship with allen in the early 1990s. >> i think it's a continuation
8:07 am
of mia farrow's desire to hurt woody allen and allen is riding fairly high. he got the golden globe's award for lifetime achievement which he tells me he deserves. >> despite an official investigation he has never been charged with the crimes. a lesson in determination from the texas teenager who survived a 3,000 foot plunge while skydiving last month. mckenzie weber has started rehabilitation in dallas and with the little help she was up and walking on monday. as her dad told us earlier, his daughter is truly a miracle child and we wish her the best in her recovery. it's 8:07. time for another check of the weather and al. >> today's weather is brought to you by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. >> all right.
8:08 am
let's go old school. what's your name, sir? >> mark. >> mark, i love this. the seattle supersonics basketball. let's see the back. man. last time seattle had a champion was -- >> '79. >> '79. yeah. thank you. you guys are awesome. >> thank you so much. you notice he's backing away. let's check your weather, see what we've got for you. and you can see we've got icy mix and snow making its way into wichita, kansas. we are looking at some snow there. it's coming down. and it's going to continue during the day today. going to be a lot of airport delays. this snow season has been crazy. okay, for example, boston, 35 inches so far. your whole season you get 44 inches. then we make our way down to new york city, so far way above normal at 36.3 inches. we head to philadelphia, again, look at that. 40.6 inches of snow into the midwest.
8:09 am
you'll see that we're also looking detroit has gotten a ton of snow. 59 inches way above the seasonal . 8:09, tuesday morning, mostly cloudy sky. 54 degrees at about 4:00 p.m. we're counts on our next weathermaker tomorrow, that means more rain in the forecast. we stop that clock for you at noon on wednesday. getting our first showers on wednesday. heavy rain moving into the south baby about 10:00 p.m., continuing into thursday. >> >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you so much. coming up next on "trending" are you guilty of this? do you ask the waiter what they like on the menu? >> oh, yes. >> no. unless he's going to sit down and eat with me. >> some are saying it might be a
8:10 am
waste of time. plus, we have coming up in sochi? >> oh, once in a generation talent. 18-year-old who's hoping to make a big splash at these winter games. and be getting used to the new title. we'll catch up with andy samberg right after this. what's your secret to the glasses? in a palette of colors, at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. artistry diamonds. they're diamonds of a different color. ♪ every kiss begins with kay yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence. are you in good hands?
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8:15 am
♪ all right. back at 8:15. time for what is "trending" today. "vanity fair" and 60 minutes had an interesting study about lying. and which public figure are you most willing to forgive? bill clinton with 43% of the people saying they'd be willing to forgive him. in second place, lance armstrong. richard nixon was third. bernie madoff, people not in a forgiving mood. he was convicted -- 3% were
8:16 am
ready to forgive him and 11% said they wouldn't forgive any of them. >> fascinating. >> mr. lauer? >> the lance armstrong number i thought is surprising. i'm surprised that it's even at 22%. anyway, while americans tend to have a forgiving nature in russia, you know, they have a reputation, it's just a reputation, it could be stereotypical for being hard drinkers. well, is it true? a recent study conducted by euro monitor says when it comes right down to the people around if the world who consume the most alcohol per week the russians are not in first place. as a matter of fact, they're second. do you know who's first? the south koreans. look at that. consuming nearly 14 shots of alcohol per week. >> oh, my. 14 shots. >> but not even -- i know. in one week. but the russians aren't even close. even though they're in second place. they consume a little over six shots a week. the americans we're down in tenth place. i think we have something like four shots a week.
8:17 am
now, that is only if you factor out kathie lee and hoda. if you put them back in, we give the south koreans a run for their money. >> i think wine is not being counted or we'd be way up there. >> i think wine would have to count. >> i don't know. i'm thinking a shot of wine? not really. but when you do -- >> i think they mean a for. >> oh, perhaps. perhaps. >> all right. moving on, when you go out to the restaurant do you like to ask the waiter for their recommendation? >> i do. >> i do all the time, but turns out a new blog post one writer says, stop asking what your waiter likes because it's pointless. julia bainbridge says everyone has different tastes. while your server may love the roast chicken there's no guarantee you will. >> also, it turns out some restaurants ask the staffers to push certain dishes that aren't selling so well. so the veal chop might not be
8:18 am
the tastest on the menu and the facebook page says most do ask for help. >> you may ask how's the chicken? it's good. >> i like the honest answer, the honest waiters. >> all right. well, are you ready for some summer lovin'? >> that's what i'm talking about. >> brace yourself, big news involving olivia newton-john. >> guess who happens to be on the phone, the legend herself. good morning to you. we'll try not to sing. >> we can't. >> but it's -- we love you. tell us what's going on, what's the big announce? >> i'm excited. i'm doing my first las vegas at the flamingo hotel. >> oh, so exciting. >> starting in april. i'm really excited and i'm going to be in donnie and marie's show room. a lovely old style show room. and -- yeah, i'm excited.
8:19 am
>> how many shows will you do? will you be there every night, people can come to vegas to see you? >> no, not every point, but various weeks throughout the year. yeah, it will be a lot of fun. i'm really excited because the flamingo has generously agreed to give a portion of every ticket sold to my cancer wellness -- very special. >> i'm a huge olivia fan. i'm a big fan of yours, but what can we expect to see from this summer night show? >> well, i'll be taking on a musical journey through my life, my career. i'll do my xanadu and some of my new healing music. and some of my favorite oldies. it's a journey through my life. >> well, we are so excited, olivia. we are hopelessly devoted to you.
8:20 am
good luck. >> y are the one that we want. [ laughter ] >> we'd love to see you. thank you. >> thank you so much. bye, guys. >> that's what's "trending" today. today's olympic star is brought to you by kellogg's. from great starts come great things. >> it is time for today's olympics, start the action, it starts on thursday. one athlete you do not want to miss is 18-year-old mikaela shiffrin. a standout on the u.s. ski team. her teammates like bode miller call her a phenom and she could make a big name for herself at these games. >> shiffrin into the lead. >> shiffrin is the gold standard right now. >> shiffrin has got it! >> shiffrin has been described as a talent that comes along once in a lifetime. >> she's done it. >> at the tender age of 17 she became the youngest american slalom world champion in history. >> it was such a special time. everything was in slow motion.
8:21 am
>> capturing the world cup slalom title by 18. >> youngest skier to win the slalom globe in 40 years. >> a pinnacle moment in a career that's only just begun. >> mikaela shiffrin! >> shiffrin's rise on the world cup circuit has been described as meetioric, but it's the result of a lifetime of planning. she recently graduated from burke mountain academy. >> it really set well. you ski in the morning and then do classes in the afternoon. >> in early years she trained more and guidance from her mom and dad, her first coaches that seem to be paying off. >> my mom and dad both raced. my dad raced for dartmouth. they're both good athletes and good skiers. >> despite coming from a family of skiers she didn't latch on to the sport immediately. >> i was skiing by the time i
8:22 am
was 2 1/2 years old, but i didn't like 2 chair lift rides. whenever i get cold i'd fall asleep on every single chair lift ride and i sometimes still fall asleep. when i first started training at 6 years old, that was when i started to find a passion for the sport. >> discipline and notice did come naturally to her. >> i'm nervous at the start. it's another challenge to get rid of the nerves. channel my energy. >> a self-taught musician, she said skiing is not unlike music. the rhythm she hears in her head. today, the teen splits her time between the u.s. and europe, basing herself in the u.s. ski team in austria. by her said is mom eileen. an unusual arrangement, not always popular with everyone on the team. she wouldn't have any -- it any other way.
8:23 am
>> my mom is one of my best friends, we get along great. she's the one person who really knows me. >> and with success already on her side -- >> lindsey vonn into the lead. >> comparisons to another phenom >> it is flattering. lindsey has been one of my idols. but there's only room for one on the circuit. >> don't let her humility fool you. mikaela shiffrin is headed to sochi to win. >> i have to visualize myself winning. that may sound cocky, but i think it's important to see yourself where you want to be. >> just to show you a big deal she is, here she is on one of the olympic covers. so congratulations to her. when we come back from skiers to speed on the ice, we'll catch up with some u.s. speedskaters. but right now back to new york. >> thank you. we'll remember her name. of course the torch is about
8:24 am
to be passed, no, not in sochi, but here in new york. tamron has more on that. >> it's a big week, the "the tonight show" torch being passed and jimmy fallon made an appearance with jay leno. kind of talking about his bits, the thank you note. look at what happened last night. >> thank you, jay, for giving me such great advice for "the tonight show" like you don't need a monologue and have you ever thought about getting banged? >> yeah. >> thank you. >> really nice of you. >> yeah, no problem. >> and finally, thank you, jay leno for carrying on the proud tradition of "the tonight show" host with such humor and class and being nothing but gracious and generous to me. i'll do my best to make you proud every single night. thank you. >> i think you'll do a great job. >> isn't that sweet? a little sentimental spirit along with the humor. so we're putting together a
8:25 am
list -- by the way, i learned that word today. we're asking you to go to the orange room and tell us why you love jimmy fallon using #orange room. he can persuade any guest that will go viral. remember when michelle obama the first lady was only doing the mom dance over the generations? that went viral. of course, jimmy in the cardigan. let us know what you think. we're putting that list together and jay leno's last night on "the tonight show" is thursday. >> all right, thank you so much. coming up, golden globe winner and "snl" alum andy samberg is here. they were put to the test, now what will matt and al face in sochi? >> let the games begin! >> starting february 6th on "today."
8:26 am
a very good morning to you, 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. police in palo alto are having a community meeting today to talk about the spiking crime on the peninsula. it will focus on an armed home invasion that happened on january 2rd. three men forced their way into a home and made the homeowners lay on the ground while they ransacked the home. the meeting will be held at 7:00 tonight in the city council chambers. we see a big volume of traffic that we always see on this day of the week and there it is 880 at the coliseum.
8:27 am
a result of big traffic through there, but look at 580, it is jammed there. no relief through the maize. in san francisco, signaling problems that are causing some alternates. stand by for those. here is the south bay. >> thank you so much, we're back with another local news update for you in half an hour. nbc universal's coverage of the 2012 london games
8:28 am
8:29 am
was the most watched television event ever. so, what's next? the upcoming winter games from sochi. where every second of nbc universal's coverage will be available on every device. on tv, online or streaming on the nbc sports live extra app. beginning february 6th, experience the winter games everywhere. welcome to what's next.
8:30 am
comcast nbcuniversal ♪ ♪ we're back now 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 4th day of february, 2014, pretty shot of sochi, russia. that's the black sea in the distance. and we've got some of the olympic venues a little closer in. and coming up, here in this half hour, two great athletes to watch from speed skating, we'll introduce you to jessica smith and eddie alvarez. and guys back in new york, we're going to score some speed skating tickets. we've done that in past olympics, and that's a fun sport to watch, guys.
8:31 am
>> it really is. >> one of my favorite olympic sports, actually. we can't wait to get to russia and warm up. it's chilly on the plaza this morning. also ahead from here, andy samberg is live to talk about his recent golden globe win, his favorite digital shorts, and married life, as well. >> and the glasses. >> very cerebral, andy. >> sexy, yeah. biggest loser will be crowned tonight. will it be 24-year-old rachel who has lost 110 pounds? how about david, 33-year-old dad of three. he drops 166 pounds. or bobby the 29-year-old attorney who dropped 127 lbs. >> they're all big winners as you can tell by the transformation. but catch the live season finale at 9:00/8:00 central. the winner will be joining us tomorrow right here on "today." >> let's get a check of the weather. >> let's see what we've got going. we have been talking about these storms. storm track brings those storms up last week along the coast.
8:32 am
that meant for snow and ice through the southeast into the northeast. and this week, that storm track is up to the north, and that pushes the snow and ice northward, rain along the southeastern coast. two tracks, european track stays more offshore, so less snow sunday into monday. but the american track which has been handling these storms pretty well shows that system getting itself together merging off the coast, intensifying early monday morning into monday night. stronger, closer to the coast means heavy wind and snow. we'll have to wait and see. but, boy, this could really be an interesting storm coming up. that's what's going on around the country, here's what's . 8:32, good tuesday morning to you, i'm christina loren. our last dry day, showers tomorrow. cool out there, cloudy, and a little on the breezy side. temperatures ramping up and that's it for today. through the next couple days,
8:33 am
changes i want to tell you about. showing you the difference between san jose and san francisco. a few degrees of warmth between the two, but showers start first in san francisco, late tomorrow, continuing into thursday, and for the first part of friday as sll. nd matt. >> all right, al. thank you very much. 2,900 athletes will compete in 98 medal events in sochi. two of those athletes are members of the u.s. speed skating team. eddie alvarez and jessica smith. hi, folks, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> roommates, by the way. you guys live together in salt lake city? >> yeah. >> how long has that been going on? >> two years now. >> so you know each other's deepest, darkest secrets. eddie, i'll start with you. kidding. most people look at miami and don't think of speed skating. how did it start for you? >> as a kid, my parents used to take me to south beach to cruise around the streets. >> in line skating. >> exactly. these two ladies stopped me and
8:34 am
said i should try inline speed skating. so i made a transition to the ice. >> there was a time you gave up skating completely to play baseball. right? >> yeah. >> what got you back to skating? >> the olympic dream. in high school, i dropped it completely my sophomore year. and after graduation, i dropped my scholarship for baseball to try to make the 2010 games. i fell a little short, so i game back to baseball, came back here. >> and it worked out pretty well. >> pretty well. >> jessica, speaking of just missing, just missed in vancouver making the team. what's the difference? what gets you here to sochi? >> a lot more experience and technical help and a lot more training and just getting my bearings under me, i think. >> we've had a chance to chat here a little bit before we came out of the break, i know you've got the personality to handle this. you're not the tallest member of team usa. does size matter at all in your events? >> hey, good things come in small packages, right? >> does it matter at all? >> no, i think it just depends
8:35 am
on how you put what pressure into the ice. i don't think it affects me very much. i think it's good to be short. you're down at the ice, get good lean and get into small places. >> she gets all the draft. >> get all the draft and small opportunities. >> your nickname is -- >> oh, gosh. >> don't you have? >> i have a couple. >> somebody told me it was rugrat. >> yeah. trying to avoid that one. >> what are the other ones you know about? >> no, that one's fine. i was named that when i was a little kid. it always stuck. >> what about you? do you have a nickname? >> yeah, i guess i do. people know me as eddie the jet. >> eddie the jet. >> yeah. >> for a speed skater, it doesn't get better than that. >> i guess it doesn't. i got it from the movie "the sandlot." >> it worked. when you're not competing, what do you want to see here in sochi? >> looking forward to the hockey.
8:36 am
i know he's canadian coach, but he's a red wing coach, so i'm excited to see him. >> you're going to see team usa? >> i'm going to definitely see team usa. >> how about you? >> i'm looking forward to going to the bobsled, the girls, i play taboo with them. >> we all did. >> we all did. >> made friends with them and i want to see them push that really heavy thing. i don't know how you do that. >> we're happy to have you both here in sochi. good luck, have fun. safe games. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> let's go back to savannah in new york. >> all right, matt. thank you. well, for seven seasons, andy samberg cracked us up on "saturday night live" with his unforgettable impressions, characters and those hilarious digital shorts. and now he can call himself a golden globe winner, picking up the golden globe for his work on "brooklyn 99." andy is with us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> you've asked for me to refer to you only as golden globe winner andy samberg. >> yeah.
8:37 am
i say that to everyone i know. my parents have to say that when i come home for thanksgiving. >> would you like more stuffing? >> yeah, dinner's ready, golden globe winner andy samberg. thank you for saying it properly. >> i love the moment when you won. first of all, your pal seth meyers seemed over the moon. but you seemed genuinely surprised. >> i would say it's about as shocked as i've ever been about anything ever. >> why, though? >> our show is so new. the word acting is involved in the award. all of the above. we were just surprised and happy to be nominated for anything. and, you know, we were up against some pretty power house shows and incredibly actors in my category. i was not expecting it. >> for a lot of people, this is a great introduction to the show. "brooklyn 99." tell us about your character. he's kind of a know-it-all hot shot detective. >> really good at the job, but he's maybe a little immature, thus my casting. >> such a stretch. >> the only thing we were
8:38 am
worried about when we started the show was would people actually believe i could be a detective. so far, i think we're just scraping by in that department. >> more than scraping by. you've got the golden globe to prove it. there's a second reference i promised you. you were shown after the super bowl -- >> yep. >> and by the way, one of the most watched super bowls ever. no pressure to hold those viewers. >> can you imagine how many people it would have been if it'd been a good game? >> you went, right? >> i was there through like the third quarter, yeah. and then it was like, oh, this is over. >> and you're a 49ers fan. >> i am. >> what was it like to see the seahawks devastate the broncos? >> it was not fun for me. best to the seahawks and everyone in seattle. they're a great team. >> you are a good actor. i really believed you. >> yeah. i love peyton manning, too. he hosted when i was at "snl." i was hoping he could get another super bowl. but the seahawks, they're a nasty team. they deserved it. >> they were tough. >> yeah.
8:39 am
>> digital shorts are kind of how you made your name. they're amazing. i think my favorite is blank in a box. >> blank in a box. >> are you going to continue to do this? what with your acting career and everything? >> i certainly hope so. me and my two buddies, we're the lonely island, we've made three albums so far. i don't think there's any plan to stop. it'll just be finding the time. >> you did yolo last year, you had adam levine. >> kendrick lamar. any musical acts you're dying to work with? >> we've been dying to get bill clinton on sax. we've been saying that for a while now. >> have you put the request in? >> how do you do that, though? >> you have a platform now. >> you have the ether. what's up, ether, i'm going to inject that idea to you and see what comes back. >> maybe you'll get a call. he could be watching, you don't know. >> that would be the best cold call ever. >> and finally, jimmy fallon, as i understand it, is the person that introduced you way back when to lorne michaels. >> yeah.
8:40 am
>> any advice for him as he sets out for the "tonight show"? >> jimmy doesn't need my advice, man. he's going to kill it. i think everyone is really excited. it seems to be the story that's going on right now. everyone's pumped to see jimmy take over. and also, my buddy seth, it's going to be cool and exciting. >> "snl" taking over the world. by the way, i heard you do a wicked impression of jimmy. >> you heard that? >> yes. >> it's very excitable. >> i'm so excited right now. did you hear that? i'm so excited. that's pretty much it. >> golden globe winner andy samberg, hold your applause. >> please. >> thank you so much. brooklyn 99 on fox. coming up next, giada is here to take your lasagna to the next level. stay with us for that? >> you know it. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
8:42 am
"today's kitchen" is brought to you by smucker's, with a name
8:43 am
like smucker's, it has to be good. >> we are back at 8:42. this morning on "today's kitchen," we are cooking with giada delarentas. >> making sure it's not burnt. this is the roux we're making here. >> we're not. >> believe it or not, this is just -- >> i thought -- >> what's the first lasagna? >> short rib lasagna. i'm going to need you to help me. savannah said she might actually taste the short rib itself. >> i would. i don't want to ruin the recipe. >> you're not going to ruin anything. >> she dared me to take a bite. >> go ahead. >> it's cold. >> no. >> that's a short rib. >> okay. >> you season them, brown them in a pan, take them out. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> that's not very enthusiastic. and vegetables and red wine.
8:44 am
and at this point -- >> shred. >> yeah, right. >> they should just pull apart. and you now you can feed a cold piece to savannah. >> this is going to take a while. >> you know what the thing is about short ribs is that you can make it and it actually gets better the next day and the day after that. >> nice. nice. >> so now we've got milk and cream in here, not very much, and all we're going to do is, ladies, go ahead. >> okay. >> oh, sure. >> get busy. >> this is spinach. >> frozen spinach, i thawed it out. frozen. >> what's next? >> basil. i took the water out of the spinach. that's it. all in there. >> okay. >> stir it up? >> stir it, cheese, ladies. >> what kind of cheese? >> mozzarella. dump it in there. now, the cheese should melt. >> eventually. >> and then we add the -- >> the meat in there. that's our filling.
8:45 am
>> yep. >> mix it all together. it's not terribly like thick and creamy. mix it all together. tamron, savannah and al, come on down here. i want each one of you to get one piece of lasagna. this is regular lasagna, you boil it and cool it. when i cook sheets, a little bit of oil, so they don't stick together and make sure there's enough room. spoonful into each one of these. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> roker. >> each one of you can do this. >> what do we do? >> spread it. >> you need more? >> just like that. perfect. then you take it, so everybody can see and roll it. roll it just like that. like a jelly roll and land it on top of the tomato sauce. >> can you drizzle it over it? >> then you take the rest, dump the rest on top. >> can we put our names on each of ours?
8:46 am
>> then you put parmesan cheese, olive oil and put it in the oven for about 25 to 30 minutes just like this. >> the portions are already done for you. >> yeah. >> brilliant. >> good for kids that size, as well. >> look. >> and you've got that frozen -- fried one. >> yeah, i took a frozen lasagna and deconstruct it for you. >> they're into it. it's hot. makes up for the short rib. >> you didn't want it to be cold. but you don't like the lasagna hot. >> it's really hot. >> if you want to spit it out, you can. >> this is fantastic television. >> sir, get to work. pay attention. >> this is a roux. this is a gluten free veggie lasagna. >> okay. >> i take brown rice lasagna noodles i've boiled. you okay?
8:47 am
all right. i take them, boil them, make sure you dry them really well and then put them in a -- >> well, if there's water on the lasagna sheets, it'll splatter. to wipe it down. 375. >> we're running out of time. >> take a lasagna sheet -- >> sorry, al. >> just take a bunch of vegetables, it can be any vegetab veggies you want, grilled or sauteed. another layer of this. >> perfect. >> dump them on top. sorry, ladies. >> we got this. >> and looks something like this. >> and look at that. >> is that not gorgeous? and it's gluten free and super yum. >> thank you. >> you can find the recipes on our website coming up next, we have a live performance from grammy
8:48 am
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the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. ♪ >> and we are back now at 8:50 with two-time grammy winner colbie caillat. and she's coming out with a new album later this year. right now, a new single climbing the charts called "hold on." good morning, good to see you again. >> good morning. good to see you. >> i hear your fourth album coming out later this year was just about done and then you wrote this song, and it changed everything. >> yeah. it was a game-changer. i wrote it with brian sutter. and i basically rewrote a whole new album and it's coming out in april. and this song "hold on" will show everyone kind of the direction this new album is going. it's really fun, really up tempo. and it's been a long work in progress. >> it's a great song. i should mention another reason you're here in new york, you're
8:51 am
going to walk in the red dress fashion show on friday. have you walked the catwalk before? >> yes, i have. i did it last year and it's really amazing because we are reminding women that heart disease is the number one killer and that it's preventable. and anything we can do to stay healthy and exercise and eat cleanly foods, it's preventive. remember that. >> it's a great cause and now for a great song, "hold on." take it away. ♪ feeling further from you every day you're in the stars ♪ ♪ you were the way moving on moving on didn't i hear you say ♪ ♪ hold on hold on ♪ ♪ we had a spark ♪ look in me
8:52 am
look in me i've been burning for you so long ♪ ♪ i should walk away hold on hold on ♪ ♪ i like at you ♪ i guess i'm feeling i think i could hold on ♪ ♪ hold on i look at you ♪ ♪ i used to feeling over i think i should hold on ♪ ♪ i'm over losing love losing you losing everything ♪ ♪ losing faith in the world i don't care caring me so long ♪
8:53 am
♪ i should walk away hold on hold on ♪ ♪ i look at you over and over ♪ i used to feel it over ♪ i think i can hold on hold on ♪ ♪ i look at you over and over ♪ i think that i should hold on hold on ♪ ♪ hold on oh-ohh ♪ ♪ i can't stop this feeling i can't stop this feeling ♪
8:54 am
♪ i look at you oh can't you feel it ♪ ♪ i think i could hold on hold on ♪ ♪ hold on hold on ♪ ♪ i look at you ♪ oh i get the feeling ♪ i think that i can hold on hold on hold on ♪ >> colbie caillat "hold on" is the single. out later this ye
8:55 am
8:56 am
c good morning, everyone. 8:56, i'm scott mcgrew. today, supervisors will vote on a tax for sugary drinks. supervisors hope the tack will generation $31 million a year and reduce obesity. >> good morning to you, scott,
8:57 am
and you at home. mix of sun and clouds. clouds steadily increases throughout the day today. highs on the cool side. 57 in the north bay and 58 degrees in the east bay. we have major changes coming our way, showers moving into the bay area as of late tomorrow. hope you have a fantastic day.
8:58 am
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from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales and willie geist live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning, february 4th, 2014. i'm al roker along with natalie. willie is in sochi getting ready for the olympics. we'll check in with him in a little bit. >> we were noticing the shot there. clear skies right now, but we're expecting round two. get ready, here we go again. >> yeah, another big storm coming. the weather channel, we name these winter storms. this one coming is nika with a "k." and the one we just got rid of was maximus. we are going to be looking at another big blast. you look at the watches and
9:01 am
warnings, it stretches about 2,000 miles. >> oh, my gosh. >> affects 115 million people. >> and this is still not even the big one. >> the possibility of the big one. >> everyone keeps talking about. >> it's going to be interesting. and already, as we were talking, airlines have started canceling flights about 540, 550 cancellations already. that number is just going to grow. >> you know what i feel like doing right now, though, seeing those cancellation delays is booking a flight to some tropical destination some time soon. >> yeah, unless you get snowed in. we'll be looking at a decent amount of snow. we're going to look at that in a little bit. but some areas already in the midwest are going to be looking at 10 to 12 inches of snow. north and west of new york city by tomorrow, we're going to be probably looking at 1/2 foot or more. >> i am so sick of winter. not even through the worst of it. >> last year was a benign winter. so if you average it out. >> averages it out. >> it's not so bad. >> it's like a double-whammy,
9:02 am
you know. >> in this case, it'll be a triple-whammy if we get this big nor'easter sunday into monday. >> the only people who benefit from this kind of thing, my son, when he's shoveling, gave him $20 yesterday. he's like, yeah, hit the jackpot. okay. next storm, i'll give you another. might as well give it to you and have you earn it. >> you know what he's saving his money for? a snowblower. >> you know what, we should've invested in that. >> most kids want an ipad, josh wants a snowblower. >> all the neighborhood kids are getting good money from this. >> they are. and coming up, we'll explain why this has been happening. in the meantime, our good friend willie geist is in sochi in putin world. oh, i like the vest. very nice. >> very official now wearing the -- >> thank you. i'm trying to come with something different every day. you've got to come and get some gear. three days away now from the opening ceremony. you're starting to feel it, the security stepped up a little bit. we're going to have all kinds of events in a matter of 48 hours
9:03 am
or so taking place here down in the coastal cluster. i went up in the mountain cluster. up there you'll get alpine skiing, snowboarding, things like that. about a 45-minute drive from here, 45 minutes on the new train, there's a new highway and train. beautiful, beautiful village of rosa couture up there. i also got a chance to speak with the u.s. women's bobsled team, highlighted, of course, by lolo jones. got to sit down with them. you'll see some of that coming up later in the week. they're talking about a podium sweep. they want usa to take every medal in women's bobsled. i've got gear to show you. this is cheese right here, cheddar, this is 5,000 russian rubles. it feels like a lot of money. it may not be, but that's 20,000 in my hand right here. >> what will that buy you?
9:04 am
dinner tonight? >> this will get you about hot dog and a diet coke. >> that's good. does it have putin on the dollar? on the ruble? >> not yet. not yet, al. but you know that's coming. if the olympics go well, he'll probably put himself on all the money. >> i hear you're going to give us a little russian lesson here. >> yeah. we've got hello and good-bye. hello is privyet. and then good-bye is dos vidania. taking the easy stuff first, we'll go into phrases later in the week. >> oh, start working on your russian, willie. >> all right. we'll see you in a bit. >> all right. well, so now we have facebook. >> and now you're talking --
9:05 am
>> now i'm talking. >> i have a feeling when you come back from these olympics, that's going to be all we'll hear. >> it'll be bad. >> facebook turning ten today. >> that's right. and savannah interviewed mark zuckerberg, saw that earlier in the show to mark the tenth anniversary, only 19 years old when he founded facebook. he was in his dorm room having pizza with friends after he just started facebook and launched what is something that transformed and changed the generation of kids and media and how we -- how we work on our computers and socialize on our computers these days. it's funny because he said somebody needs to build this service for the world and that's what he did. >> he did. >> 1.1 billion users now on facebook. >> only 1.1? >> 1.1 billion. >> a little russian there. >> yeah. >> in 2004, jude law was "people" magazine's sexiest man
9:06 am
alive. >> this is a list according to mashable. number one on the billboard top 100 was "hey yeah." >> it was by outkast. >> i like that song. top film, you may remember this one, "butterfly effect" starring a ten-year younger ashton kutcher. good movie. i remember that. looks so young there, right? okay. made us think about what we were doing a decade ago. i was actually working at msnbc and here. you were here. there i am, msnbc. >> i like that. >> the anchor. i know what i'm talking about look. yeah. >> lean out. >> yeah. >> and there you go. >> okay. >> al ten years ago. >> there it is. actually, that's a picture of my wax figure. >> kind of looks like your wax figure. you've changed. you've gotten younger in the ten years. >> because i look so old to begin with. thank you. >> no, you've reversed aging.
9:07 am
>> i act like i'm reverse aging, unfortunately. >> most of us should act like we're reverse aging. it's a good thing. keeps you young at heart. so here's an interesting controversy. this is -- happened at a school in wisconsin. has some parents upset. parents say the staff at the middle school were asking students inappropriate and highly personal questions in a game of what they call cross the line. but this was supposed to be part of their antibullying program. >> what were some of the questions? >> some of the questions were, do your parents drink? you know, i think every kid, probably, yeah. is one that was a little inappropriate. has anyone in your family been in jail? that's inappropriate. well, the school says the students had the choice to participate. again, this was part of their bullying program. so if this is what they're doing as their anti-bullying program, makes you scratch your head. >> i don't understand how is asking if your -- one of your family members has been in the
9:08 am
slam, how that -- >> yeah. that's what a lot of parents are saying today. how does this have anything to do with prevention of bullying? >> unless, if it turns out somebody finds out you've got somebody in jail and they teasing you. but then, that's certainly going to help by asking that question and putting it out there. and now it's public knowledge. >> unless they want to send the offending family member with a cake with a file in it. >> we're trying to get a comment from the school. and trying to see what they're doing to resolve the issue. sounds like the program didn't go over so well, as you can imagine. >> probably not. >> not exactly smart programming there. >> now, we go to another school that's a little more creative. and we want to show you this unique way for this school to announce closings because of snow. stevens elementary in burlington, kentucky. check it out. >> we just got a call, breaking news, school is closed, school
9:09 am
is closed, sorry, parents for another day. very, very frightening, school is canceled. >> school is canceled. >> because it's cold. so everyone grab a snuggie and watch tv or play the wii and maybe read! >> we are canceled for tomorrow. canceled for tomorrow. canceled for tomorrow. >> fantastic. the principal and the drama teacher there chad caldwell making it to the tune of queen's "bohemian rapsody." >> i'm not singing for you, roker. >> that's a first. >> i need to think of a good weather song. >> you've turned it down? >> i need to think about it. it's like karaoke, there's a lot
9:10 am
of pressure. >> okay. look, you can see how widespread the watches and warnings are. here we go, freezing rain in central and northern arkansas, snow back through oklahoma on into kansas. this snow area's going to expand very rapidly today, from colorado all the way into ohio. late tonight, early tomorrow, into new york. and then this low pressure system develops off the coast, cold air to the north, that's mostly snow. warm air coming up off the ocean. and so we've got an icy mix. here's what we're looking for as far as accumulations. and in parts of virginia, maryland and on into west virginia, we could be looking at over an inch of ice. that can be crippling with power lines going down, trees going down. and snow you can see generally about 3 to 6 inches of snow, although there's a wider swath of 6 to 9 inches. and in fact, that even makes its way into parts of the northeast. that's w 9:10 on a tuesday morning.
9:11 am
good morning i'm christina loren. cold day shaping up, clouds increasing all day long. we're going to hold off on the rain until tomorrow. expect most of the shower activity to be north of the golden gate bridge until tomorrow. late thursday to friday we'll see another round of rain and then through saturday and sunday a stronger more potent system moves into the bay area. >> you got a song? >> yeah, i do. okay. here we go. ♪ i really can't stay baby it's cold outside ♪ ♪ i've got to go away baby it's cold outside ♪ >> i don't know. the song played over and over again during the holidays and i still don't know the words to the song. >> there you go. you got part of it. coming up next, why they want to avoid eating out on saturday night. we'll fill you in on the best and worst days of the week to do just about anything.
9:12 am
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9:14 am
[ sighs ] [ male announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. well, maybe you're shopping around for a new tv, or maybe
9:15 am
planning a date night with your spouse. >> well, when it comes to taking care of your money, health and relationship, there are certain days of the week that are better than others. back with us this morning once again, day two, we have dr. evelyn manaia, and relationship expert ian kerner. good morning all. >> good morning. >> the best days of the week. we talked about best time to schedule a doctor's appointment. let's talk about best day to schedule the doctor appointment. what should you aim for? >> you should try to aim for monday or tuesday, especially if you're concerned of anything. and only because if you are, cultures and bloodwork and whatnot will come before friday. that way you have clear for friday, for the weekend. however, if you pick friday, which is really the worst time, you know, especially if it's a long weekend, you're going to be short staffed on the labs and things like that. you're going to be worried about concerns you might have and not on time. >> friday is the not good day to schedule an appointment for. >> you decide you want to go out to eat with the family.
9:16 am
best day. >> best day is wednesday. you tend not to overindulge. you have to go to bed early because you have to work the next day, school the next day and things like that. i think that's really the best time to do it. >> worst day of the week to go out with the family? >> i think it's saturday, even though i know it's date night. i really do. i look forward to it, trust me, i know these things. however, especially if you pick -- pick one, friday or saturday, have one day that you cook at home. and then if you're going to do on saturday night, you tend to do later and then you interrupt your sleep. >> overindulge. >> and overindulge and drink because you don't have to get up on sunday for anything. >> that's it. >> okay. >> i'm working on building the muscle strength in the arm. >> okay. tmi. as far as getting the new tv or laptop, what's the best day? >> after you get your good news from your doctor, you head over to the store on monday, because that is when manufacturers start implementing those rebates and the discount on the prices.
9:17 am
the customer could save up to $10 to $50 and the prices will be online as they are in the stores, as well. >> worst day of the week to purchase electronics both online and at the store. >> that would be friday. stores know there's going to be a lot more traffic in the stores. they're going to up those prices. a study was done on laptops and computers. retailers increased the prices from $10 to $50. >> wow. >> let's say you have problems with that new tv. best day to call for customer service. >> the best day is on wednesday. and part of the reason why is because customer service is going to experience the lull in the middle of the week. they're not overwhelmed with calls, they're going to want to focus on you and your problem. and let's face it, the real issue calling customer service is, one, you want your problem fixed, and two, you don't want to stay on the phone with them forever. that's the best day to get your problem fixed and out of there. >> worst day of the week to call in customer service. >> monday. you're not the only one that's going to call customer service
9:18 am
on the first thing on their to do list. you don't want to join the masses. again, make sure you get off the phone quickly, don't call on monday. >> date night, best night. >> i'm going to be a little counterintuitive and say thursday night. i know people want friday nights or saturday nights, but what i've noticed, you want the family time, you want the kid time. don't want to feel guilty. you want it all. so thursday night is a great night to go out after work, have a nice dinner, you can still get home relatively early and kind of bolster yourself for the weekend ahead. >> i agree with that. friday, you're pooped. >> and date nights are certainly important. >> we probably should've done this one first. what's the best day to pick a fight with your spouse? >> well -- >> no day is good day to pick a fight. >> no day is good. but if you are going to fight, remember, you always want to be more positive than negative even when you argue. that's the difference between couples who succeed and fail. i'm going to go out and say tuesday is the best day to start
9:19 am
arguing because monday, you really need to transition back into work. don't you have enough fights to pick on monday at work with your boss we mails? >> tonight we've got to go home and start picking a fight. >> save it for tuesday. >> i'll go home to joe, pick a fight with him, you go home to debra, pick a fight with her. >> worst day of the week to pick a fight? >> mondays are terrible for anything. and even sundays when you have potentially family and kids around and it's a little claustrophobic and you're smothered by people. >> or even fridays, you're stuck with that person all weekend long. >> give them the silent treatment all weekend. >> no good day. >> guys, thank you so much. >> thanks. >> you're going to come back tomorrow? >> yes. one more round of this. coming up next, getting you caught up on the news you need before you walk out the door. >> and look who decided to show up early this morning. >> hi. >> hey. >> that's an incredible story. they're going to inspire you right after these messages.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
that's only about 300 calories for people on a 2,000 calorie a day diet. and you can reach this by eating a big bowl of sugary cereal or soda every day for a week. the food and drug administration launching a $115 million campaign. the federal agency is using ads that depict yellow teeth and wrinkled skin to highlight the cost of cigarette smoking. the campaign will use a mix of tv and magazine ads as well as social media. the fda aims to reduce the number of youth cigarette smokers by at least 300,000 within three years. a deep freeze caused citrus growers hundreds of millions of dollars but it's the consumers footing the bill. a week of freezing temperatures in december cost california's citrus growers about $441 million in lost crops. that will likely mean an increase in the prices of oranges at the grocery store. juice prices, though, will not be affected. the majority of california's
9:24 am
citrus crop is eaten as fruit and not as juice. well, target officials facing tough questions from lawmakers on capitol hill today over the huge security breach and on cyber crime. the senate judiciary committee will hear testimony from security experts and consumer advocates. they'll discuss policies and procedures to hopefully strengthen credit card security for retailers. well, here's something they won't teach you in driver's ed. this comes to us from russia. take a look at the car here in question. it comes far from the left, over four lanes, almost hits not one, not two, but three cars there. then it does a 180 and manages to land just perfectly against the curb as if the driver was trying to park there all along. of course, we highly recommend don't try this method on the streets of your hometown just in case you thought about it. coming up, what were you doing when you were 6 years old? well, one compassionate boy has started a charity for needy kids and you're going to get to meet him. plus, the best anti-aging treatments to pick up at the
9:25 am
drugstore afte [ doorbell rings ] donuts? ♪ you're cute. [ door closes ] [ female announcer ] special k protein cereal helps keep you fuller longer. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? how ya doin'? mmm. [ birds chirping ] okay bye bye! [ female announcer ] help satisfy your hunger longer with special k protein bars and shakes. willpower. what will you gain when you lose? you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help.
9:26 am
♪ very good morning to you, it is 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a registered sex offender arrested after allegedly walking on to a school campus in sunnyville will be arraigned today. he is charged with being a sex offender on school grounds and false identification. he pleaded not guilty. prosecutors could file charges today against a napa couple accused of killing their 3-year-old daughter. they're currently in police custody, expected to be arraigned this afternoon on murder charges. police found the 3-year-old in
9:27 am
her bed, dead, on saturday. there was evidence of abuse and sexual assault. a fire department could find out if they will lose thousands of dollars today. they will face a grilling by santa clara county supervisors about their poor response time. they could take away nearly $1 million in incentive pay. ♪ [ man ] yo buzz! drop that beat! remix!
9:28 am
♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ >> welcome back now, the time is 9:28. temperatures are cold outside and it will be cold all day long. we'll hold off on the rain for one more day. that means if you have outdoor plans to get taken care of, you have 24 to 48 hours to do so depending on where you're waking up with us this morning. here is what we're counting on. we stopped the clock on your future cast. we continue it as we head throughout about 3:30 p.m. tomorrow, starting to get our first showers in the north bay.
9:29 am
all of that activity pressing into the south bay overnight. mike, over to you. >> i can dodge for another 48 hours, i'm cool. slow from dumbarton bridge to milpit milpitas. one of the lanes is blocked and it's causing a slow drive all the way back there. the rest of the south bay moves pretty slowly. and now that crash has cleared and it's slow up toward the 280 interchange. >> go plant something. another local news update in half an hour. have a great tuesday morning.
9:30 am
♪ welcome back to "today" on this tuesday morning, february 4th, 2014. i'm natalie morales along with al roker. willie's in sochi gearing up for the olympics. and we're slowly starting to say good-bye and hello around here. jimmy fallon played guest host to the "tonight show" last night. jay's last day is coming up on thursday. fallon's going to be taking over the reins on february 17th. a nice farewell from jimmy. he's known for this, to say thank you with his "thank you notes." here you go. >> thank you, jay, for teaching me how to be a late night host. but was it really necessary for me to wax on, wax off your entire car collection? i didn't know i was going to get
9:31 am
miagi'ed when i came out here. my arms are sore. thank you, jay, for giving me such great advice for the "tonight show" like, you don't need a monologue and have you ever thought about getting bangs? >> yeah. >> really nice of you. >> no problem. >> love that. it's sad, but it's happy. >> bittersweet. >> it is, absolutely. how about a check of the weather? >> i think jay ought to come and do weather. that'd be great. storm track from last week basically it was off the coast. and so that allowed that arctic air to funnel down to the south, and that's why we ended up seeing the snow and ice, basically crippled parts of the south. well, this week, the storm track is more inland. and so the snow and ice has pushed up to the north. it's rain along the coast, and so here's what's going on.
9:32 am
we see the european model for this weekend. sunday into monday, moving pretty quickly these two storm tracks move offshore. and so we're not looking at a lot of precipitation here in the northeast. certainly not a lot of snow. however, the american storm track which has been handling these storms pretty well. early monday morning into the day on monday, it makes its way off the coast. the two storms merge as one. much stronger, it's going to be windier, and we look for a lot of snow. so this one could be -- if this comes to fruition, it is going to be a mess. we'll, of course, fine tune this for you as we head toward hey, thank you, al. we're looking forward to some much needed rainfall. not just yet, though. today is the last dry day. temperatures are really crisp out there. shoes at 44 degrees. looking good in the south bay here. up to about 50 degrees by noon.
9:33 am
even at 4:00 p.m., ramping up those numbers. rains through the later portion of wednesday, and another round ,n the way saturday into sunday. e you ever gone through a difficult experience and wish you could know how it would all turn out later? like fast forward ten years? >> well, our pal hoda kotb shares some stories in her book "ten years later." six folks who faced adversity and transformed their lives and it's out in paperback today. congratulations. >> how fun to be on the 9:00 with you crazy kids. so these people had game-changing moments in life from illnesses to job loss and unspeakable tragedy. and a decade later, i wanted to see how their lives changed in ways they never could've imagined. >> reporter: during tough times, have you ever wished you could fast forward through your life and just maybe that view of the future would give you hope?
9:34 am
well, many people deal with sorrow and loss, but also dream of a brighter tomorrow. like amy barnes. more than a decade ago at almost 500 pounds, this mother of two battled low self-esteem and felt trapped in an abusive relationship. how would she break away and finally lose the weight? or ron clifford who on september 11th escorted a burned woman to safety after the towers were hit only later to discover that his own sister and niece were passengers on united flight 175 which hit the world trade center on that tragic day. how would he find peace to move on with his life? and lindsay beck, at 22, she fought two bouts with a rare cancer only to learn that the life-saving chemotherapy treating her would probably leave her infertile. how would she conquer cancer while holding on to the hope of having children in the future?
9:35 am
ten years later, the endings to the stories may not only surprise you but inspire you, as well. >> i love this. >> if you could look through the looking glass -- >> yeah. >> life gets better. what was it you wanted to do to inspire people with this book? >> i think sometimes when you hit a road block like that, you think you're stuck in the weeds and wonder, am i ever going to get out of here? so when we found these six people, we thought, you know what, if they can do this, what they are able to accomplish in this book, i can do whatever i'm worried about because what these people have been through is remarkable. and you wonder, does your life really change or are you still who you were before? and i think this explores that and shows i think we sort of are the essence of who we are. >> for example, amy barnes, 500 pounds -- >> can you believe? >> mother of two. >> she weighed 500 pounds, was in the worst relationship, horribly abusive and, you know sometimes you're so scared you don't know what else is out there that might be better than
9:36 am
where you are. and one day, her -- the person she was living with just beat her senseless. she was bloody in the bathroom and her son walked in and with a bath mat tried to mop her face off and said, mom, i want you to be beautiful again. and this woman turned her life around. if you're struggling with weight loss or abuse. look at her after picture. >> amazing. >> and her exterior is a tiny part of how she's changed. she's changed from the inside out. >> she's empowering other women who suffered in abusive relationships, as well. >> she's so strong. makes you feel like you can make it through anything. >> i love the story of the woman in the book who founded a product. >> can i tell you something? she was fired twice as a waitress, had a couple of kids, no husband, everything was terrible, she's driving down some country road. she sees a guy with a beard, this guy, looks like a lumber jack and he's got a pickle jar full of honey and said what is that. and he said, i'm trying to sell honey. she helps him package it.
9:37 am
so they're selling this honey, it's going like hotcakes, making candles. and she said what should we call this and goes out to the beehives and it's called burt's bees. and that guy's face is on all the products. >> it's like he's one of the smith brothers. >> he went on to sell it for multimillion -- >> how about your life? you have transformed your life. which was terrific to begin with, but you've gone through a lot of adversity from illness to personal tragedy. >> yeah. >> and you've come out of the other side. >> i think when you're in that spot and you go through an illness like i did. everyone has their cross to bear, you wonder what am i going to be like later? and every time someone said to me, i got stronger because of cancer, i was creeped out -- but you guys know yourselves, if you've been through something, it did change the path of my life. do you guys have something in your lives? >> well, i think for me, it was, you know, i actually had secondary infertility. after having josh, we tried
9:38 am
years to have a child and took us four years and then finally one day i just near christmas time in 2007, i said you know what, i'm going to give ourselves a christmas present and we're going to make this happen. i thought it had to be the natural way, it doesn't. i went in for medical intervention and thankfully we got pregnant. i can't imagine not having my second son. >> i had infertility issues and adopted courtney who is now 27 and a chef. and then through ivf had nikki and leila. >> can i tell you? what a great family. and we had -- remember at the ivy. new year's eve, we had dinner with the rokers, baby, they're fun. >> this is such a great -- >> thank you for having me on. i appreciate it. >> it is a great inspirational message for all of us. >> thanks, guys. >> you can read the excerpts from ten years later, head to coming up next, we've got another inspiring story. this is a small boy with a huge
9:39 am
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9:42 am
improve mouth health with colgate total®. and use the whole line for even better results. ♪ and back now with our special series and a young boy whose commitment to help others is beyond his years. >> he's 10 years old, but it was a visit to one of los angeles' poorest areas when he was just a preschooler that changed his life.
9:43 am
meet jonas corona. >> i have a nonprofit organization called love in the mirror. i help homeless and disadvantaged youth. >> his passion for giving back started when he went with his family to feed the homeless in los angeles' notorious skid row at the age of 4. but he wanted to get more involved. >> i saw a homeless kid, and it just really made me feel really sad. my mom contacted shelters and missions, and they all said no, i couldn't volunteer because i had to be 10 and i was only 6 at the time. >> he wanted to do more and did not understand the concept of going once a month. we wanted to know why we weren't there every day. >> at the ripe old age of 6, jonas decided to form his own charity dedicated to helping kids who are less fortunate. today, jonas and other young volunteers are sorting through supplies, donated to love in the mirror by companies and individual supporters.
9:44 am
>> i think when there's poor people, it's sad because they're just living on the street. i want to make a difference and help them. >> what do we have? >> these supplies are being donated to a youth shelter, a temporary residence for teens in crisis. robin sinclair is the executive director. >> well, this is fantastic. we're very fortunate. if it wasn't for people like you, i mean, we wouldn't be able to help the kids we help. >> he found out about us, and then is doing the footwork. and you can tell he's not doing it for any other reason but just to be a good kid and help others. >> a good kid, wise beyond his years. >> it's not right for kids and adults to be on the streets having nothing. everybody should have a home. everybody should have a place to eat or live. everyone should have something. >> boy, his parents have done something right to inspire a young man to do something like that. >> little kid with a big heart. yeah. >> you want to learn more about jonas and love in the mirror,
9:45 am
head to we're back after these messages. trying to stay fit but miss real pleasure? the pleasure you crave just got real. light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. irresistible flavors, like strawberry cheesecake, with a thick creamy texture. never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying. light & fit greek. taste satisfaction without sacrifice. ♪ dannon you said in a focus group, "you'd like to have a product oh! that eliminates odors and doesn't just mask them." oh my gosh, come on in. we're looking for the smelliest area. i have not cleaned the cat box. [ male announcer ] febreze doesn't mask odors, it eliminates them. we are ready to check out this room. [ sniffs ] it completely took the odor out. it smells really clean. [ male announcer ] don't just mask odors, eliminate them with febreze air effects. and to continuously eliminate odors in small spaces,
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9:49 am
but you don't want to spend a fortune on drugstore creams and cleansers we're not sure work. >> well, here to help us look for what we need in antiaging based on your skin type is dr. elizabeth tandy. you say when it comes to you skin, the best offense is a good defense. what should we avoid? what are the two things to avoid? >> before talking about the nighttime treatments, you have to avoid the biggest culprits in aging skin which is sun and smoking. so for sun, there's a tremendous amount of damage, you want to wear spf-30 every day. and if you're going to be out more than five or ten minutes directly, pair that with a hat. plus, smoking does a lot of damage to the skin, not only the skin, but also you want to stop smoking immediately for -- to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack and stroke. >> let's talk about antiaging programs you have. and what are some things you should be doing in your health regimen? >> well, in general, there are a lot of great inexpensive products you can get over the
9:50 am
counter. but it can be a little overwhelming when you see all the different products there. so we're going to try to break it down to skin type. so in addition to that sunscreen in the morning, you want a nighttime routine. so different skin types want to look for different ingredients. >> ingredients. >> oily skin, for example. >> oily skin and acne prone skin, look for retinol in your product as well as glycolic acid. helps simulate collagen for rejuvenation purposes. but then it's used to keep the pores open. if you have the two problems, which is not unusual, this is something to look for, the combination of the two. the retinol and the glycolic. >> what about dry skin? >> dry skin, the skin is depl e depleted of the natural moisture levels, which makes it more vulnerable to irritation. look for products that had essential oils and shea butter. and then instead of the retinol, which can be irritating, look
9:51 am
for a product -- an ingredient called peptides. a gentler way to stimulate collagen. >> you see these really expensive ones, you know, like at the department stores. the stuff you get at the drugstore just as good? >> it's good, but you have to know what you're looking for. you want to look for -- for dry skin, the oils plus the peptides. >> read labels for food, you want to do it for products. >> absolutely. >> because you can really find some great products even at the drugstore. now, for sensitive skin, you can use retinol. but you want to look for a combination product with something. people get worried about hearing acid with skin. it's not an acid, it's a hydrating gel that helps soothe the skin. and when you pair it with retinol, even patients with sensitive -- even people with sensitive skin can use that. >> yeah. i think i use that one right there. >> natalie's husband falls into this category. men are using this stuff. >> who like to buy product. >> right. >> nothing wrong with that.
9:52 am
>> i didn't say that. >> men's skin care is the fastest growing segment of skin care market. and -- men are starting to feel more comfortable with taking care of their skin and looking good. and the good news is men's skin is actually less sensitive than women. they can really use high concentration of that retinol. and they can use it every night and give their skin a nice, healthy glow. >> my product. >> no, not that. the other stuff. okay. moving on here now to some of the more clinical stuff. and i guess since you're the person who likes to splurge on facials, you can get that at home, a little bit more of a splurge, but less expensive than being at the dermatologist. >> right. so if you want to take your skin care up a notch at home, invest in one of these at home devices. something like the sonic brush can help clean the skin so well that it enhances the penetration of all your skin care. >> right. >> you actually get more out of
9:53 am
your skin care. we spend millions of dollars on skin care every year. >> like sanding a table to get the stain off. >> to get your money's worth of everything else. >> what is this device? >> this is a personal microderm abrasion device. you exfoliate all that skin. >> thank you so much. we've got to go, unfortunately. my producer's going to go out. [ mom ] hi, we're the pearsons, and we love chex cereal.
9:54 am
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9:55 am
♪ >> who do you have coming up? >> oh, love her. >> so great. >> love her. >> she's also going to sing. >> a little something. >> she's also going to sing. well i drove grandpa to his speed dating this week, so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ]
9:56 am
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9:57 am
smart phone. they cost nearly $ 1.5 million, so to cover the cost, parks rates will double. they could be installed at the end of next month. happy birthday, facebook! the social media giant has changed the way we communicate. ten years ago, mark zuckerberg says he could not have known what facebook would become today. in honor of facebook's birthday, i think we should all get on there and like mr. scott mcgrew. 56 in the south bay. peninsula at at 56. we have a lot of rain headed our way and it starts throughout tomorrow, mostly tomorrow night into early thursday. we're talking about one of three very potent storms to impact the bay area.
9:58 am
stop that clock for you tomorrow. all of that activity sprends into the south baby 11:30 at night. we'll keep you updated. the bart system is reporting a 10 to 15 minute delate because of problems out of the mcarthur station. an earlier crash on 237 that loosened up. the map shows the same stretch of road. mission boulevard still a little slow heading over there as well. heading up the peninsula b with and toward the bay bridge, just a mile back up in the cash lanes there. >> we'll have another local news update for you in half an hour. ♪
9:59 am
[ man ] yo buzz! drop that beat! remix! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ ♪ you got that medley crunch ♪ go! go! buzz! ♪ go! go! go! buzz! ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! ♪ clusters, flakes ♪ that medley crunch, crunch! go! ♪ ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪
10:00 am
♪ hey! you got that medley crunch ♪ ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. so glad you're joining us on this pretty chilly tuesday, february 4th. >> the snow won't stop! >> it cannot -- we're warm inside the studio and warm inside our hearts because you know why? >> why? >> you know why. who's here? >> colbie caillat is here. she has happy music. every time you play a song of hers, puts you in a great mood. >> her music is like she is, just adorable. we have our guys tell all panel, those guys are crazy and out of control. and somebody has been crazy and out of control and making a lot
10:01 am
of money at it for many years. >> who? >> jackie collins is here with her 30th novel. >> it is so hard to get on any list with jackie collins. i have a paperback coming out today, doesn't matter. i'll tell you why it doesn't matter, because jackie collins dominates all lists. >> she knows how to -- she's writing her 31st. >> that's unbelievable. >> will come out around the next time your book does. >> we have some updates -- >> and more life saving lessons, everybody. if you have times when you saved your pet's life, we would like to hear from you. >> we'll be talking about cpr and things like that. philip seymour hoffman, we have updates. as the days go on, you find out more and more, just a couple of things. they're going to dim the lights on broadway to honor him. he was a big broadway actor, nominated for a couple of tonies. >> yep, yep, yep. >> there are makeshift memorials popping up, one right outside of the actor's home. you think about what the police are saying, it is really astonishing, i think. they said they found 49 full
10:02 am
bags of heroin and 23 empty bags. they found syringes. i mean -- >> along with six bottles of prescription drugs. and that was for things like adhd, anxiety and one actually used for treating drug addiction. now, if all of that, we won't have toxicology for a while, but if those were in his system with the couple of bags of heroin and recently sober and then went back, putting that much into his body, i, you know -- >> it is such a loss for the acting community and you were able to -- you know, you live in that world a little bit more and know what people are saying. >> i was just talking with justin long last night, a good friend, i love justin, and apparently he was quite close friends with philip. and see and a bunch of his acting friends were out in l.a. just sitting there just all telling phil stories, like you usually do. but they're all stunned. just stunned by this. we never heard -- he was never in the tabloids.
10:03 am
we never heard about him stumbling out of nightclubs. there were sightings and some people said he looked disheveled and some falling asleep. none of the warning signs that the general public could see, i'm sure. the closest to him were very concerned about him. some were even suggesting that that's the reason that he had recently broken up with his long time girlfriend and mother of three children. >> yeah. >> that's a horrible thing to have to live with when you're watching someone you love destroy themselves. and you also don't want your children around, you know, to see that happening. >> it does. it brings up the topic of addiction and how difficult it is for people to battle that. and it is one of those things you fight. >> yeah, but we were talking this morning about the fact that even though a lot is being made about what a waste, what a waste, because it is, of this brilliant man, this life that is lost, but his life is no more valuable than a bum on skid row, who nobody knows his name, nobody knows where he came from. all life is precious.
10:04 am
and i hope they find whoever is -- this dealer, apparently, there are many, many cases now of overdoses not just the heroin, but tainted version of this heroin. >> so -- >> i think it is interesting, i think a lot of times we look for the deal and i think that's important. you should find out who provided the drugs like everybody said about michael jackson. i think when you are at -- when you are an addict, you get your drugs from somewhere. if not from person a, from person b, person c, someone. so miley cyrus, you guys, in "w" magazine. we saw this in the paper the other day and we didn't know it was her. >> didn't recognize her at all. >> look at the photo. >> i thought it was gaga at first. >> me too. and -- >> how many times have we not seen gaga just like that? >> look at this picture. i was looking at her features going is that really her? it is her. anyway, she bleached out her eyebrows and she didn't interview with ronan farrow, the guy who interviewed her for
10:05 am
this. she talked about friends and she says basically she doesn't have a lot of them. she has a lot she can hang out with, but very, very few friends. >> well, you know what, don't you sort of feel that way as well. >> yeah. >> i mean, a lot of people you're friendly with but true friends. >> probably just a handful. >> yeah. she was talking to jay leno last week. i can't believe jay's last show is thursday, by the way. >> this coming thursday. >> anyway, and she asked -- >> we'll talk more about it in the coming days. >> she was asked by leno what advice she would give justin bieber and she said, you got a lot of money, pay people to make sure you don't get in trouble and party at your house. buy a house and add a club to it. >> he has gotten in trouble, though, at his own house out in l.a. i'm hearing good things, though, from his sources. >> you are? >> i'm hearing that he's seeking some help and is aware things are spiraling. and that's first step towards
10:06 am
getting the help you need. >> yeah. >> that's what we hope for. >> okay. >> she says when miley was asked, i think more and more people, you know -- you can let us know if you're tired of us talking about miley. >> yeah. >> but she does keep making news because she's smart and knows to say -- she wants to be relevant in the industry. but she's a talented girl. and when people think they have to shock you to stay relevant, surprises with the new record, unbelievable, that's the best. that's the best way to stay relevant. >> speaking of good music, this is such a cute video. so or cute or -- it is a little sad in a way. there is this young boy sitting in the back of the car and his -- there is a song that comes on the radio called "say something." 4-year-old jackson is listening to this song by christina aguilera, his dad mark kept a video camera rolling. but wanted to make sure his son was okay.
10:07 am
♪ say something i'm giving up on you ♪ ♪ are you sure? you want me to change it? ♪ it's always that i couldn't get to you ♪ >> is it a sad song? if it makes you cry, i don't want to play a sad song for you. want me to keep it on? okay, give me a thumbs up that you're okay. >> isn't that something? >> it shows you the power of music. and the chords that they're using. and the soulfulness of it. i don't think he really understands at 4. maybe. but like a little -- it is the happiest kid in the world but not afraid to bear his soul. >> remember when the mom started to sing and the baby didn't know words or anything. >> remember you're watching a movie and it is sad, you're sobbing but it is good if you want to cleanse.
10:08 am
>> little tiny -- >> cries also when he watches the lion king and the kroods. >> i still cry every time i see dumbo. >> what? >> dumbo, when they take the mother elephant away, oh, my gosh. oh. you don't? what's wrong with you if you don't cry when they take the mother away? you might ask why are you still watching dumbo? that's for me to know and you to find out. >> here is the question we'll pose to you. at what age do you think hollywood actresses peak? if you think in your head, what is the peak age? well, according to some study that somebody did -- >> study in the journal of -- >> management inquiry. >> the magic age is 34. all right? >> and then they start seeing a steady increase of pay through the 20s and after 34, rapidly declines. men -- >> very different for men. >> not the case. they peak at 51.
10:09 am
okay. so if you think about -- >> i don't think george clooney peaked. >> i don't either. sandra bullock is in her 40s, mid-40s. i think she's -- >> i think they're talking about actresses who have basically been known for playing leading ladies sexy roles. they're sex symbols. when that physical beauty starts to wain, though if you see the cover of "people" magazine with christie brinkley, forget it, nothing has waned or fallen an inch. >> how is that possible? by the way, her body? >> she works hard at it, you know. i think it is very, very different for character actors. somebody like maggie smith, kathy bates, helen mirren, they keep getting -- they're fermenting and getting better with age. >> and always get roles. they sure do. but on the forbes list of 2013, only three of the top actresses were over 40. and they were jennifer aniston, sandra bullock and julia roberts. >> okay. that can change too.
10:10 am
who has movies coming out this year, you know? >> oh. >> okay. a shoutout, hoda woman. >> the university of miami of ohio, sorry, the tri delt ladies made a video. let's take a look. >> we love you, hoda! >> well, they love their -- >> hello! >> i wasn't in their sorority. there were no sororities at orel roberts university. >> we would encourage -- we would encourage colleges to send your videos and we'll show them. how about that? we'll show you. >> i want a video from orel roberts university. >> all this week we have been trying to show you life saving series. so this one we want to end with pets. a lot of times you see your dog choking on something or if you have a situation -- >> very worried about bambino
10:11 am
the other day. i gave him a little treat and it wasn't going down and i didn't know what to do. i thought, i'm going to have to give -- what cody did for the man a couple of weeks ago. but he finally swallowed it but he panicked. >> if you have any situation you can share with us about what your pet went through and how he or she survived, go to our facebook page and let us know. we want to talk about it. >> all right. >> we're going to get advice for relationships. why we ask our guys to give us advice, i don't know. always funny. >> it is. all right. we may be covered and still outside, but our music is always sunny and warms things up. >> very lovely and talented colbie caillat right after this. enjoy yothanks.k! i love being on stage. but when i get time off, i take advantage of it. i have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture& and i know the best way to enjoy a break& is to help reduce my risk of having one.
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with new hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. she rose to fame is a social media singing sensation and now colbie caillat is a two-time grammy win, best known for her fun, laid back music with songs like "brighter than the sun," "bubbly" and "lucky". >> her latest single is called "hold on" and she's visiting us here before she makes her way down the catwalk for the women's heart health during fashion week. >> which is friday. nice to see you. how are you? >> i'm so fantastic. >> you have a new single. >> i do. >> tell us about it. >> so it is called "hold on." and it is off my album coming out in april. it has a new sound to it. this whole album. when you hear hold on, you'll see the direction, it is very up tempo and fun and big powerful choruses and lyrics.
10:15 am
>> hard to keep growing as an artist. >> yeah. i recorded these two albums for this one and this is the album i'm putting out there. i recorded two different directions. one was, like, more acoustic and one more pop. this is what i'm feeling right now. this is the one i'm releasing now and in a year i'll release the other one. >> you tour with the other one? it all worked out for you. >> what do you think your fans will think of this sound coming out? >> it is scary changing and growing as an artist. but i like all different styles of music. i thought it was time to -- i'm writing new songs with amazing producers and writers i've known forever. >> this one with ryan tenor? >> with ryan tenor. >> i went to college with his father. he was a great, great musician. >> you're kidding? >> no, great songwriter. >> i've known ryan since i was 17 or 18 before either of us was in the business. so it is nice to know we get to work together still. >> you're performing for -- you have a concert coming up, right? tomorrow? >> yeah, yeah.
10:16 am
>> tell us about that. >> i'm performing -- there is imagine dragons, lauryn hill. >> i love both of them. >> yeah. it is human rights around the world and, you know, making awareness. >> and now go red, this is heart health, important to you. >> yeah. so you were there last year, weren't you? >> i think so. i think i was. >> i was around. >> i know. it is hard to remember everything. but it is the red dress fashion show. and it's reminding women that heart disease is the number one killer and it's preventative and anything that we can do to prevent that from happening to us and no matter what age, if you're young, old, you can prevent it by eating healthy, exercise. it is good for us women to support that. and this necklace i'm wearing is hearts on fire made specifically for the fashion show. >> are you going to be playing your music or modelling? >> modeling. >> modeling? all right. >> i would like to hear a little
10:17 am
something something. >> will you sing with me? >> sure. >> get a little cold, i don't want to spoil your number. >> colds makes your voice sound better, i think. all right. "bubbly". >> we're ready. ♪ been awake for a while now ♪ ♪ got me feeling like a child now ♪ ♪ because every time i see your bubbly face ♪ ♪ i get to tingling silly face ♪ ♪ it starts in my toes and it goes to my nose ♪ ♪ wherever it goes i always know ♪ ♪ that you make me smile stay for a while now ♪ ♪ let's take your time wherever you go ♪ >> beautiful. >> you have the most beautiful voice. >> yes. >> oh. >> have a great week here in new york. >> thank you. >> all righty. why the first minutes matter when trying to save a life. critical tips you need to know. >> our crazy man panel gathers to answer your questions.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
panel of men give you the truth and nothing but it when it comes to love and relationships. >> carl martino is a married nbc sports analyst for the premiere league. jason turner is divorced with two children. >> also back comedian chuck nice, married for 14 years, three kids. and he says they're his. >> allegedly. >> and the divorced host of "bob and jessica live" on playboy, bob guiney. >> different show every week. >> he's been lying to us. >> it is not so bad. you always say so sad -- >> about bob, not you. >> bob's pathetic. okay.
10:22 am
let's go first -- kidding, bob. here we go. ruth says this. how do you get over a former ex that you're still hung up on? that's from ruth. >> i'll tell you, really nice divorce settlement helps a great deal. >> can't have any -- the sleeping with exes, the -- you think you can be physical thing does not work. also, you tend to think about all the wonderful things about an ex. remember some of the bad things that was the reason you guys broke up in the first place. >> there you go. >> i would say the best thing to do is get yourself back out there, start -- you're going to have friends that say, oh, get out there and just be a man, you know, blah, blah, blah, and -- that's not the answer. i think the answer is hanging out with your friends, having a great time, meeting new women in different situations and just seeing what's out there. >> all new rules to the situation. you got to let it go, suck it up and get over it. >> i'm not going to go that route. here is the thing. you have to understand.
10:23 am
it is proven that psychologically, a breakup, you've been with somebody for a significant period of time, has the exact same effect as a death. so now would anyone tell you just get over your grandmother's death? grandmom's dead. get over it. you wouldn't do that. >> yeah. >> psychologically it is like a death. there is a grieving period and you got to go through it. let it wash through you and let it happen over time. >> okay. >> it is okay to be alone and get back to yourself. >> let's go across the street. we have a viewer. >> hi. i'm debbie from kansas city. my question is, valentine's day is a great holiday. what do you think is important to do on valentine's day? >> valentine's day? >> make a reservation. >> have you thought about it yet? >> no. >> yes. >> make a reservation. i've done the day of thing, scrambling, calling around. not going to work. pf chang's is not a romantic
10:24 am
dinner. >> valentine's day put s men under a lot of pressure. you want to either leave the country if you're single, but if you love someone you need to start planning early. >> planning early. >> i always say make a reservation right now. >> go ahead. >> make a reservation. >> you guys are going to hate me. listen, i'm going to say -- this works for me and my wife. i don't know about anybody else. we never do it. and i told her a long time ago, i'm never doing that. it is one day where some greeting card company told me that i got to show you some kind of love, some kind of -- i'm not doing it. so what i do is on a tuesday in february or thursday in a random thing i'll do something completely and utterly romantic and magnanimous and then when valentine's day comes, she's like happy valentine's day. i'm, like, yeah, we already did that. >> there is a lot of pressure.
10:25 am
>> we're going to take a commercial break. we'll be back in a couple of seconds. more questions after this. what does that first spoonful taste like? ok. honey bunches of oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mmmm! wow! it's the oats. honey. yeah. honey bunches of oats. this is a great cereal.
10:26 am
it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. good morning, everyone, 10:26, i'm scott mcgrew. a registered sex offender that allegedly walked on to a school
10:27 am
campus is being charged with being a sex offender on school grounds and false identify. he has pleaded not guilt. the san jose fire department will find out today if they will lose hundreds of thousands of dollars for failing to fulfill their contract with the county. they will face a grilling with supervisors about the department's poor response times. they could penalize the department by taking away nearly $1 million in incentive bay. pay. ok, it's time to set the record straight.
10:28 am
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10:29 am
. welcome back now, temperatures today will be cool, reaching into the mid to upper 50s. pack a jacket today you will need it all day long. temperatures staying cool today. we will hold off on the rain until late tomorrow, showers will move in between 3:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. we'll see significant rainfall on thursday, early friday it will clear out of here and more rain moves in on saturday. here is mike inouye. we hear about an incident that caltrans is investigating a possible accident. they're waiting for details and so are we. we're looking at the roadways as well. this is fremont toward mission boulevard. look at the map closer to mission. westbound there has been a crash
10:30 am
and a slow down. >> thank you, more local news at 11:00. see you then. so good. >> oh, my gosh. we're back with more of "today" on this tuesday. and our "guys tell all" panel, here, carl martino, jason turner. >> chuck nice and bob guiney. >> all righty then. >> here we go. jennifer has a question. she says this. does a woman have any chance of breaking a mama's boy or should she just move on? >> i love that question. >> why would she want to break a mama's boy? if a man treats his mother with a ton of respect, that's an indicator of how -- >> bob, are you a mama's boy? >> yes. end of question. >> i love my mama. you got to have things, my mother tonight, she comes over, makes dinner for me and the kids, it is awesome. i wouldn't say i'm a mama's boy,
10:31 am
but i love my mama. >> i think it depends. does she clean the house and airplane feeding him still? >> there is a big difference. we're talking about the stereotypical one. >> i would say, if you really want to get him, get in with the mama. go to the source of the problem. get in with the mother. my wife, i'm not a mama's boy, but my wife and my mother are so close, my mother told me if you ever break up, i made my choice. it ain't you. >> all right. >> here's a question from lisa. how come my husband feels like he can ask me a question several times or beg me to do something several times but i can ask or remind him do something for me or around the house two times and he gets very upset? >> we will get upset about that. you got to know -- i think when that happens, you have to know what is best within you. so if you're going to ask your husband something, you need to know what he likes as well.
10:32 am
>> pick up the clothes. >> picking up clothes is critical. if you say it four or five times, it may not work. >> it sounds look a keeping score thing. it is always so dangerous in relationships to keep score. sometimes you're picking up more than one person, sometimes the other needs to pick up. but men are bad at keeping score. if the score is -- >> unless it is football. >> yeah. >> i'm going to say that as kind of the way you ask. that's the problem. men are like this. hey, baby, did you remember to pay the electric bill? women are like this, harry, pick up your clothes! like i'm sorry, but that's kind of the difference. >> you're like this -- >> poor harry. >> be aware that men can actually answer without -- and have a full conversation without hearing anything. my wife can have a full conversation with me where she's like, make sure you go to the grocery store, get four lemmens, need it for dinner tonight, yes, lemons, great, and not have heard a word. did you hear what i said? >> yes.
10:33 am
>> or make him keep asking about this and get your permission to go. quid pro quo. >> okay. here is from jodie. jodie says i wonder why guys don't break up with a girl instead of going radio silent. i dated a guy for two months, nothing serious, but then nothing. didn't say a word and stopped calling. >> first of all, there is a problem when you say i dated a guy for two months and it was serious. >> it wasn't serious. >> wasn't serious. >> but serious is your hearing problem. >> oh! >> stop it. >> why do they do that? >> i'll be very honest. fear. we are afraid of you and your response because your response could be very -- it could be anything, violence. property damage. i've had that happen to me. >> maybe keep it on the line a little bit, while still trying to figure things out. we're slow to process.
10:34 am
>> i think you hit on it, confrontation is crypt knight to men. passive aggressive is the first language we learn and we have to get into a situation where, you know, we're a bad guy and they break up with us and it is like, thank god i didn't have to have that conversation. >> again, rule number one, be cool. don't be pressed. if the guy wants to let go and not call you for a couple of weeks, move on in your mind. i promise you, he will be back if you do not act pressed. >> true. you said it in the break, avoid it a little bit. >> all right, kids, thank you for all you do. >> good to see you all again. if you want to submit a question for our next panel, go to and hit the connect button. why the first minute matters when it comes to saving a life. and you'll meet two viewers inspired to change their lives after reading hoda's book. >> i'm excited to meet them. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay,
10:35 am
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release of hoda's best-selling book "ten years later". >> it shares the stories of six people who face life's toughest challenges and underwent a personal transformation. >> so we asked you if you've been inspired by the stories in hoda's book and have made changes of your own and then we reached out to two of you. >> we're going to meet those viewers in a minute. first, let's watch their stories. >> on january 15th, 2004, joe, my loving husband of five years at the time, suffered a massive stroke at the age of 31 while training at camp pendleton. he had served his country in the united states navy for 11 years. at the time our two beautiful boys were just 3 1/2 and 6 months old. here i was, a new mother of two, with a husband who had had a stroke, wiping out the entire right side of his brain, leaving us with very little shope of survival. thankfully joe persevered. despite the odds, not only did
10:39 am
he survive, but he also learned to walk again, a feat doctors never thought possible. though he survived, we realized our lives would never be the same. it has been a long journey of letting go of our old lives and adjusting to our new lives. ten years later i was reflecting about our journey and was inspired to plan a life of celebration. on january 15th, 2014, ten years to the day from joe's accident, we celebrated his triumph at a dave matthews concert in new orleans. i try to never miss to a dave matthew's concert. celebrate we will because life is short, but sweet for certain. >> on january 6th, 2012, i walked into the medical university of south carolina with shortness of breath. it wouldn't be until 86 days later that i would actually walk back out of the hospital. >> hey. >> when i finally came to, i had no idea that i had been fighting for my life. i was completely unaware of the fact that i had been through two rounds of chemo, dialysis,
10:40 am
pneumonia and 40 days on and off of ventilators. i was eventually sent to a rehab facility to learn how to walk all over again and get my strength back. none of this would prove to be the biggest obstacle of the life. but the now what to do with my life would haunt me. around that time i saw an interview with hold why where she said the words, you can't scare me. i realized i spent my whole life scared of fear itself and if i too could overcome a huge medical obstacle, i had nothing to be scared of either. after reading hoda's book that a friend gave me, i felt like it was talking straight to me with all the stories of people overcoming adversity. i learned we can choose to be weak or we can choose to be strong and face obstacles head on. thanks to hoda, i now know that in of aftermath of facing a challenge, anything that comes my way cannot and will not scare me. >> wow. >> beautiful. >> oh, my god.
10:41 am
>> joe and amy are here, mallory. hi, guys. >> everybody is reaching for the kleenex, hoda woman. >> mallory, let's start with you. i'm so fascinated by your story. you knew you had lupus going in, but explain what happened and how you got to where you were. >> around the time i was 17 i was told i had rheumatoid arthritis. and since then i was in and out of the hospital, they have a joke i should have a frequent flier card at the hospital. i found out i had lupus when i was 23 and i was healthy for a year and a half and had a brush with pneumonia and walked in and the second night i went to icu and didn't come back out for a while. >> they said you clinically died and came back. >> february 8th, my second birthday, i coded he and was down for over five minutes but had a great staff that saved my life and brought me back. >> what a beautiful letter you wrote about your wonderful
10:42 am
husband, overcoming. you found a new life, the two of you, didn't you? >> yes. >> tell us about that. >> well, it has been a long journey, just the toughest part has been letting go of our past life and that's been the biggest struggle and i don't think a lot of people understand after you survive a brain injury, you have to let go of everything that you had planned for for your life, but we have, with time, learned to let go and have found happiness again. >> strength. you see it. when we walk in, joe is, like, bear hugging everybody. it is like you're so full of life and love. how are you feeling? >> i feel great. >> you do? >> yes. >> how important was the love of this woman in your recovery? >> everything. everything. >> i think part of it is knowing you're not alone. i think a lot of people who see this may be suffering or going through difficult times. you wonder how can i make it through? you are an inspiration. we wanted to say thank you for what you do.
10:43 am
and i guess mallory, we'll start with you, it is your second birthday. because, you know, you died and came back to life. we got you a little second birthday cake. >> aw. >> we hope you like it. happy second birthday. and mallory, if you're not busy after the show, i have a few things i need to do, i wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with me and spend a little time. >> yes. >> hang out with hoda all day long. >> we have a couple of -- >> hang out with me. >> we'll have some fun. >> share the cake. >> and share the cake. and the lovely couple here, we know you celebrated the dave matthews concert, you enjoyed that. we knew that you were dave matthews lovers, so we decided that you should go back for another concert. >> yeah. >> what do you think? when they come this summer in indianapolis? so we got you a dave matthews basket and tickets to another concert so you can relive that. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you for reading the book and thank you for being so inspiring to everybody. joe, thanks. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> have a great time.
10:44 am
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we're back with our great series, special series called "life saving lessons" and how the first 60 seconds are so
10:48 am
critical in a life threatening situation. >> knowing how to quickly react when someone is having a seizure or heart attack or choking can mean the difference between life and death. >> dr. corey herbert is a physician at the lsu health sciences center. >> i'm glad to be here. >> how are you? >> couldn't be better. >> we say call 911. that should be the first thing no matter what. >> absolutely. >> everyone talks aspirin. >> first thing to remember, a, b, c, air ways, braeeathing, circulation. and one, two, three, three deep breaths. let's go straight to heart attack. aspirin for heart attack. you chew an aspirin. don't just swallow it, chew it. it gets into your system quickly. remember this, this is not a regular heart attack. this is the kind of heart attack not like when you had when you watched the denver broncos losing the other night. this is like you think you're about to die. if you're taking one and you're not having a heart attack, it is not going to hurt you. >> what about baby aspirin? can you do this? >> no, full strength.
10:49 am
>> is this something you should always carry in your purse? some aspirin? i have one right here. you should always carry. >> men and women have different symptoms. >> they do. women have a lot different symptoms. think about jaw pain as a woman, also abdominal pain or just feeling tired all the time. a lot of women have that every day. just be careful with those. if you feel those things nagging, get at it. >> all right. >> babies. >> yes. choking. >> okay. if you are choking, this is very serious, you have something that happened with your family not too long ago with choking, just remember, if you're choking, relax, relax. the person is coughing and talking to you, don't bother them. >> if they're able to talk -- >> it's good. they can maybe get that out. if not, make sure five back thrusts. i don't mean just how you doing, let me -- i mean, you got to get in it. >> fast. >> heimlich. do the heimlich, okay. some women might feel uncomfortable with men coming up
10:50 am
behind them and doing it. but you got to do it. >> what about for a baby, if a baby is choking? >> boom, boom, boom. got to make sure. >> show us -- >> you got to hit the baby. you got to hit the baby. you know what? if you hurt this baby, that baby will still be able to live, but you got to make sure you get that. you can could some abdominal thrusts first. then over, boom, back. >> okay. what about somebody having an allergic reaction. >> you don't want to look like a blowfish. the first thing you do if someone is having an allergic reaction, remove them from the situation. if they're in seafood or something, get them out of there. chew a benadryl if they can talk and breathe. no issue if they can't breathe. this say new thing. listen to this. >> place against outer thigh, then press firmly -- >> it tells you -- >> that's the new epipen. it talks to you. no big deal. absolutely. low blood sugar -- >> three things to carry with you all the time. >> make sure if someone is
10:51 am
having low blood sugar, you don't know what to do, give them a little juice, little soda. i don't like soda, i call it the devil's urine, it is bad for you. but in this case, i know -- i bet you won't drink that anymore. but make sure a little bit of that, and that will get the person better. >> thank you. >> absolutely. no problem. >> we have more of dr. herbert's life saving lessons including what to do if someone has a seizure or stroke on >> tomorrow, we'll tell you what you should have on hand in case a fire breaks out. >> we're not done with "today." we have jackie collins here. >> naughty, naughty girl. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
all right. her characters are smart. they're savvy and guess what, they're drop dead beautiful. just like she is. new york times best-selling novelist jackie collins has been captivating readers with stories of sex and scandal for more than, should i say it? >> say it.
10:55 am
>> a long time. >> years. >> jackie is out with her 30th book, "confegs of a wild child" which lets readers in on the early life of one of her most successful heroines, lucky -- >> what did you say? successful or sexful? >> i said successful. >> i like that. >> full of sex. >> you don't even need to promote your books. >> i want to see you both. what is better than a storm in new york? >> a blizzard, baby. >> i was hoping for a drink, but i can see nothing is going on here. >> anything you like. this is your house. >> when i was looking at this book and thinking about all the times i've interviewed you over the years for all of your amazing books, this one almost writes itself. how many actual books was lucky the heroine in? >> she's seen in seven books. ten hours of primetime for nbc miniseries and a character -- i wanted to show how she became the woman she is today. so i wrote "lucky at 15" as she
10:56 am
navigate s boys, sex, drugs, rok 'n' roll. >> and murder of her mother. >> murder of her mother when she was 4 years old and the mother is played by sandra bullock in the miniseries. and she's such a great character for women. they love this character. >> yeah. >> i love writing her. and this book was so much fun to write, almost wrote itself. >> it had to write itself. >> a lot of me in it. yes. you remember your first kiss, don't you? >> yes. wasn't crazy about it. >> do you remember yours? >> of course. >> you liked it ever since. >> i was sitting at your table where kathie lee was -- >> a great time. >> so how do you have it all for so long? what inspires you to get up in the morning and finish the book by noon, then what do you do? do you write a book by noon and then what happens? >> well, i was writing a scene the other day and i write in
10:57 am
long hand and then my secretary puts them on -- she puts them on the computer. and so she said to me, she called me up and goes, can i go home early today? i go, why? she said, because i just typed out the scene, i really need to see my husband. >> oh. >> you write what you know, don't you? >> you write what you know. writing lucky is what every woman should know, you know? how do you not -- >> very entertaining. just like jackie is. >> jackie thank you. >> good to see you. >> tomorrow, if you're looking for love, millionaire matchmaker patti stanger will help you. >> have a great day. ♪ ho ho ho
10:58 am
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right now at 11:00 under the microscope. fire rears may pay the prien for slow response to emergencies. plus -- >> i always thought thank god i got away. >> a kidnapping victim speaks out after 20 years. >> paying more to park in downtown san jose. why the price could double after tonight's vote. good morning to you, thank you for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker. the san jose fire department are


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